GOD’sBondMan: Nine [Submission]


Dear Pamilerin Jacob (if you dare to read and care to be read),

I was born as God’sBondman. Whatever that meant, then, was nothing to be said of, now. Whatever I have known, it is because of this and whatever I shall know, and peacefully so, it is by this. This bond comes in many names: it comes by many claims. To some, it is a religion; to others, a life; to many more, a means to strife but variations are not pure definitions. Do not let me bore you by boring into you holes of philosophy. The Bond is hardly philosophical if openly read and wholly bread (past tense for Breed, the verb, not to be mistaken for the one man must not eat alone).

The goal is to bear witness to truth that there is solid weakness in the lie. The goal is to hold truth by the hand and see to it that it is guarded; for Truth protects its own. The goal is to own the ambience of truth and if it hurts the person or the ego because flesh is feeble, it is for the better (you of all people would know this feeling, perhaps even more than I) .

I am not a bondman for GOD hath made me free and in due time has set me free but the process of freedom is the bond; not bound to man as a slave but unto GOD in that as GOD is, so shall I live to be. And wherever GOD says, there would I be all my days. I am bound to GOD. And GOD, being spirit is free; thus, as GOD’sBondMan, I am free. But freedom comes with a price. The one who is free by law hath kept the law. The one who is free in grace is so because they found Grace and have abode there. If the bondman trespasses away from the bond, they are no longer bound and if the freeman leaves their freedom, they have become bound.

I am GOD’sBondMan and GOD is my limit and GOD is my boundary and it is only that which is against GOD that I am exempted from. I am exempted from strife: the lack of peace, warring within my members. I am limited to obedience: to know, to will to do, to do and to abide. I am ordered if I am in the Order of GOD.

Jacob, I was ordained to be born and I was ordained to the bond and I was ordained to be bound by GOD’s spirit, possessed in a submissive trance and vision which only GOD is painter of. My chains are wisdom, my shackles (shackle-shackle) are understanding and freedom from these is indeed – and thought – slavery. It’s a blessed paradox.

I accept that my living is a battle, every breath is war against the breath. For GOD’sBondMan, life is a battle. Every decision is war, every quake of consciousness is worship and every motion is obeisance. I do not take lightly the occurrences of my being; for this course, I do not believe in coincidence or incidence and all things are miracles or by the very hands of CHUKWU, GOD, YHWH, OLORUN…whatever name HE is called. Life is a miracle and death is lyrical, one day we would all sing and one day we would dance to dance no more.

For God’sBondMan, thanksgiving’s price is obedience; the greatest rise and eminence is submission. For life is submission: you to life and death is the refusal to submit to the tenants of life; and death is a separation of submission and a subjection to the lack of it. Life is by submission, some are more subtle than others or more seemingly sublime; and for those who submit to the art of “no submission”, they should be aware that they have become ever more submissive. Does this…endorse oppression, repression or retrogression? You tell me… Does the just law say the unjust is just because “they are just unjust”? Why don’t you kill even though you can? it is not just for the sake of morality, it is because you are bound to morality and for this, you are free. You are submissive to objectivity and subject to it so you are free. A divine concept created as good is not evil if corruption seeks to sift it. Now where was I? Oh yes, I remember.

For God’sBondMan, obedience is true gain when it is to the Will of Christ, the Messiah and begotten of the most high GOD. God’sBondMan IS DEATH TO THE LIE And wreath to the sly and breath to the sky and earth to the wry but to be clear the bond is never fanatic nor is it religious. (Of course, you knew that else I would have no need to write this to you. Parts of me refute that you are part of perdition. Amen.) Whether it appears to please or displease, one thing is sure: that this journey is to the origin of everything.

In the end of life, we would know whose deeds were dead and deserving of eternal death – separation from Peace, desolation.

Cephas Olatunde
I am God’sBondMan and these are the steps I found as I journey: walking as JESUS teaches ME TO walk.

P. S
Send word to your brother, this, here, is my apology.

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