GOD’sBondMan: Ten [Blame]


The theory which offsets the freedom of GOD’sBondman is blame. At least one of the many theories😁. In the plcae of repentance the greatest enemy seeks to exonerate the cause.

Thus, self defends self even if self is the problem.

The rule of blame is that self is never to be blamed. If self must be blamed, it would be liquefied with the usual conformity to the weakness of humanity.

“So in place of error” self says, “let’s blame everyone” but self.

Let’s blame our neighbours for their lousy and nosey habits and the landlord for his greed and for being the architect of our misfortune. Let’s blame evil for the sake of evil, and our fathers for bringing us to an imperfect world or our mothers for guarding us too much or too little. Why, let’s blame the preachers for their spittle and their Sermons which keep us edgy on our segregated-pew-settings.

Let’s blame the prostitute for seduction or the desolate for being desolate. Let’s blame the conquered for being conquered for allowing conquest get the better of them; let’s blame repute and the predator lifestyle since survival picks whomever it deems worthy to save.

Let’s blame survival and nudity or nudity on survival.

Let’s blame sacrifice and bloodthirst and money-hunger on Mormon. Let’s blame the rapist and the raped; let’s blame rape and viscious desire that eats the host up before it commands that the host eat another just as violently and forcefully. You know what? Let’s blame the polity and the policy: those ruling and those who let them rule.

Let’s blame the devil, the deep blue seas and let’s blame “woman”…lets always blame woman for descent, yeah bait of indecency and the fall not to mention the worst of life. But should we stop there? Is this adequate? Let’s blame every man who has let his house fall on his head and then let’s blame women who let men let their houses fall.

Let’s blame animals and meat and grasses and the wind. Let’s not forget the weather and history or memories which punish us. Let’s blame hell and fears and years of hell in fear. Let’s blame Sickness and the adventure that brought them. It’s the monkey’s fault, it’s ignorance, it’s false balance. It’s this and that.

Let’s blame truth, too, who is quiet while we make “the lie” the life. Why stop there🤔? Sincerely, we are already judges knowing what is right and wrong, what is short or long, what is sight and sung, whose culture is wrong, whose level of faith is faulty and whose brain is haughty, whose logic is rubbish and whose love is lust. Let’s blame the beginning. If so, why not blame GOD, after all, all HE does is do nothing but let everything happen? If we must blame, let’s blame creation, too…

Let’s blame all who oppose us, blame our enemies, blame the very person on the other side. I’ll blame and you’ll blame…

…when we all blame one another because we are guilty then we all are guilty.

Let’s blame eachother and when that’s done, would we find the solution, would we be in a position each in their own spheres of knowledge? Would “blame” make the lame walk?
For GOD’SBONDMAN, it is ideal to cease blaming, to stop blaming “blame” itself and go back to where we derailed.

For GOD’SBONDMAN, blame is a sin.

For “to blame” is to judge and to judge is by knowledge but knowledge outside GOD is folly and folly is to alienate GOD from the knowledge; with the knowledge – which GOD cannot be found in – the judgement is faulty and by this, blame is born.

Let GOD be your knowledge

Let GOD be the judge

Let Blame go

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