Stabbing GOD


The definition of death
Is separation and not lack of breath.

When we severe the cord that connects us to our SOURCE by sieving and conceiving in our hearts to leave; hoping to live on our own, we die. We die in doubt, in testing the waters, in turning our backs on GOD by stabbing HIS. We die when we put ourselves first and treat our intentions best and leave no attention for HIS Rest. We die when we wish we can be HIM – to take HIS place, usurping power for ourselves and breaking the very ordinance of creation which is submission to HIS Will, first. We die when we play ‘hide and seek’; or play “peekaboo”; or say to HIM: “you can’t see me, if I can’t see you so if you can’t see me then you must be dead or you should be forgotten or I’m not sure of you, anymore” and all these because we are afraid.

We are afraid because without HIS light, we can’t see, we are naked; without HIS life, we are wicked; without HIS love, we are no more sacred; without GOD – in our thoughts – we become abominations in our imaginations.

We device evil, leaving good, knowing what is good but determining to never do it purely because evil suits us when we embrace corruption so when we do good it’s for the chance to do evil. We are afraid because life has left us and our fear – which causes us to run away from GOD, HIS voice, HIS walk, HIS work and the very evidence of HIM is what – kills us.

You shall surely die

Whenever we decide against GOD, robbing HIM of HIS place to love us and feel us with HIS pure peace, we shall surely die.

Death is not just separation, it is also disconnection.

It is this disconnection that stuns heaven because we want to get in but we are wrapped in the garments of hell and separation and hate for it. In disconnection we become unseen because sin hides us from GOD not just that we can’t see HIM but HE cannot see that we have become this…unseen. It is not that GOD is blind or that we have gone off HIS mind but that we have chosen to become hard to find.

Man, where are you?!

While GOD calls upon us everyday, our evidence is our life. While GOD hopes on us in every way, our providence is without strife. Only the creator who sees HIMSELF in us, though we reject this, would wish to save us because we should be part of HIM. Every breath we take is a call to return, to repent not just from “big sins” or the absence of JESUS, the Christ; but from the attitude of leaving GOD out of the picture we paint with our sweat, blood, tears and breath. GOD wants to be “in the know”, to have a relationship, to attend every soccer game, holding your hand through every point of pain.

Come, let us reason together

The definition of life is commission
The revelation of life comes after submission.

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