If you do not have questions, then something is wrong; when something is wrong, there must be questions. “Why this?” or “What’s that?” or “Where should this be?” Questions hope to place in order, questions seek to redeem, replace and hopefully, retrace. Sometimes it is by questions that we find our paths and answer our minds and find light which rids us from blindness.

Yet questions are, first, a fruit of corruption.

They could lead aright and lead astray: every good thing could be evil and that is the balance which upset humanity. But sin did not begin with humanity nether did it begin humanity.

Sin begun in heaven.

It began because it could: the place of freewill and the chance to ability was the very point from which sin grew. If sin was shrub and plant or tree, it sprouted like a seed nurtured from envy and questioning. The first sin was…sin.

Before pride there was sin

Lucifer beheld the splendour. Now what? The truth is being in GOD’s presence is not absolute salvation when the intention is unjust and untrue. To dwell with GOD with a desire which is not GOD’s is sin. To be with GOD and not be for GOD is sin; thus, before there was a manifestation of pride, there was sin: a lonely growth; willing to be like the most high; to see what maketh the most high, high and most of all – the patent to make. To take GOD’s place and place self above GOD…to do so or desire to do so is sin.

Before rebellion, there was sin

Before the action, still in the inaction, you’ll find sin. Sin is not just the motion, sin is also the emotion. Sin is not just the work, it is also the meditation. Before we “sin”, there is sin: a thought of it is enough and an aspiration of it is sufficient. All that sin requires is a place to lay its head and share with you and shear you into its divide. Before the manifestation, there is an orchestration…the orchestration is sin. Sometimes, sin leaves while one yet commits the sin and with the climax, sin is nowhere but emptiness.

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