BOND Seventeen

Before disobedience, there was sin

Sin is root, a promise of soothe. Sin is a counter hope which one believes unwillingly. Sin is fire, it says it would warm you, “but first” it says, “I would burn you” as though trying to born you again. Sin is not just rebellion, it is being in constant opposition.

The bigger picture of sin is not just to GOD but first to wellness of self.

If I am urged to do that which would destroy me, that which I do is sin yet the urge and the intention to do said-thing is sin.

If you cannot see it already, sin is unseen.

Sin is the employer and you are the worker. It takes out of the reservoir of GOD’s strength in you and says “do you; leave GOD” and then it adds, “we pay later…”.

Sin owes GOD, sin makes us do the same and sin gives us shame, a nakedness that sprouts from debt because we cannot pay.

When we cannot pay, we must die, trying to pay because death only begets death and if we attempt to kill GOD in us, we too, end up dying when we steal from GOD within us. Sin is a force and when solidified, it becomes the pulse and the label for the worker is “sinner”.

Before murder, there was sin

To him that knows to do and does not do, until him that is sin. Sin comes where there is knowledge. Without knowledge, there is no sin.

But in the presence of knowledge, sin is refusal: the choice to debase and debate only to abase.

“I know but I ignore” is what sin does. The GOD’sBondMan remembers that for the serpent to plant sin in the garden, a degree of knowledge needed to be attained, “did God say that…?” and afterwards the answer to which sin says, “you shall not… ”

To sin, you must know, and know enough, to refuse to know.

If you attempt to argue this, be aware that, to sin you know that you do not know something and you try to know that which you do not know but you know that you do not know.

To know one must question but the question is, whom does one question? Is the question a tally mark for the freedom of sin from jail? Do questions rid the repentance or feed the renaissance of GOD? Is it sin who asks OR is it sin who answers? Is sin a person…or personally…or communal? Sin is dispute, strife and warring from within thus worry is harvested.

3 thoughts on “BEFORE SIN II

  1. The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom
    The thought of Sin is beginning of Sin for Cain was warned of Sin knocking on the door.
    It burns before it warms because you dont know it is burning….

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