Sin is disagreement

If sin is skin and flesh, you’ll find its root where it moans loudest and where is groans sublimely.

Sin is pleasure to flesh and displeasure to spirit. Sin is rage to the unseen and same-page with the seen. Sin is proof-oriented, “I see then I sin” and that’s why GOD’sBondMan should not walk by sight.

But is all sight wrong?


Sight should be vision and even GOD has vision yet the eyes which do not align with the vision of GOD see nothing. “Nothing” can be defined, here, as that which is but soon, is not. The fading realities, the proofs which leave, the roof which leaks.

In dealing with GOD, GOD wants us to think like a man and act like a lady think like GOD and act like man.

What GOD says is true but do we know what GOD says? What GOD feels and thinks and what GOD loves? And how GOD lives? What does GOD leave? If it is not in line with what we love and live and leave or cleave to then we become upset, annoyed and starved, somewhat oppressed because GOD doesn’t see what we see and in turn we don’t see what GOD sees; only GOD sees it better and we think of it as older and banter to believe that GOD is absolute and unwaveringly just.

If life is exam then God is answer but do we read through to understand?

How? Why do you say I should not do this? DO WE EVEN ASK? Is it hurtful to me and to YOU?

If living is journey and life is shoe, then sin is pain when we pick the wrong shoe.

If we pick, it is because we think it is good but if it’s not, we walk by pain, forever. Sin is probability and very soon, sin breeds uncertainty…doubt… Unbelief which is to GOD as rot is to perfection.

Sin is displeasure

Unless two agree, they cannot work and unless two work, they cannot walk and understand. Unless two understand they cannot stand and those who stand shall fall and those who fall never break through walls, they crawl most, as though defeated. But sin is not just weakness or defeat. To sin, one has strength. It would be an error to say that sin brings only weakness.

Sin makes one strong but how strong and for what?

To break the law requires strength at least for the breaking part. The truth about sin is, it is a tilt: a slight motion off guard and track, a crack, an opening, a burning, an open door.

Sin is the act and art of walking away, turning away the heart from its course, the introduction of a new kind of affection.

For those who sin, and secretly do, who come out with a pious mask, they have said, too, that there is no GOD. You’d think, although silly, that GOD respects the atheist for coming out openly without trying to deceive both self and attempt divine.

If GOD is not in your thought, there is sin.

If you have not done well, sin lies at your door, knocking, “open up dear friend, you and I are alike, and I like that”

Sin is walking out the door

Leaving GOD to “sob”, asking, “why do you do this to my kingdom?” which is within you.

Sin hurts GOD just as Evil attempts to strangle Good.

Sin fights GOD just as we try to fight ourselves. Sin is a weapon, sin is war and sin is…sin.

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