BOND Twenty

Dear Busayo,

I have so much to tell you and many more to show you about the various uncertainties of faith but I’m certain that even at my highest point of knowledge, I’m a feeble hand in the presence of divinity. I’m still as vulnerable and human and that is exactly why I have faith. We’ll talk about that later.🤗

Now, when you asked me what “hell” meant, I was intrigued. The first thought was fire and judgement and the other side of heaven and punishment and that if eternity was a coin, one side was hell and the other was heaven. But what that does (not to debase that motion) is to raise more dust and questions around why a good GOD throws people HE claims to love in hell. It looks vindictive, it looks like the CREATOR is self-absorbing and practically a liar or worst of all a segregationist. And then you asked why those who didn’t accept JESUS were destined to be thrown to hell. Good question although I chuckled at the imagery of hell being a bottomless pit where evil doers were thrown in. Anyway, here it goes…

Here’s the challenge. If “hell” is just punishment then there is judgement and if there’s judgement, then there is a scale for measurement of deeds and if there are deeds, they are either good or bad and these being established determine the finest of our kind or the lowest of our mind. Yet, there are those who do good deeds and have not met JESUS because, in the optimists’ palace, every human is capable of doing good, given the right circumstance and frame of sequence in thoughts. I’m not a theologian but I know that all these are connected.

For all I, now, know – both as child of GOD and GOD’sBondMan – hell is not just punishment, it is consequence. The result of an addition or subtraction, the evidence of a series of combinations, the key being locked or unlocked after numbers have been combined. Hell is an event beyond it being a place (still very debatable that hell is a place but I’m a student in life so I always learn to accept when I’m wrong and to affirm when I’m sure ).

Hell is, sadly, death by separation.

To be in hell is to perish. You do not dwell in hell unless you have perished. You could say that hell is a graveyard of certainty and finality. In hell is no hope for hell is not just a means, it is an end.

Let me show you what I mean by these things.

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