Hell, Unclad

BOND Twenty-One

continuing from a previous point

The gate of hell is disobedience and this disobedience is by displeasure and displeasure begets sin which in turn pays a wage of death and hell is death by separation. The portrait is, GOD gives an instruction to live by, therefore setting an order and precedence. Say, do not do “this”. Why? Because GOD has kept HIMSELF in us…HIS NATURE within us and it is not good for GOD to do “this” if HE says do not do “this”.

For the nature of GOD, the high code of morality, requires that you abstain from “this” to avoid an upset of the balance of your very nature and creation.

If you did “this” while carrying GOD in you, you push GOD away, and the absence of GOD and the life of GOD is death. This death comes by separation of divinity from humanity. That’s the death, but this death is first spiritual because GOD is a spirit and that’s why Adam did not drop dead when he ate the fruit, he lived for almost a millennium afterwards but he was dead because he had lost connection to his source of existence.

He could breath but the reason for breathing was gone severed. The fulfilment for the breath was torn away.

Death, here, is “no more relationship with GOD”. At the very moment when we stop talking to GOD or we can’t hear GOD talk to us, there is hell.

Remember this:

Hell is death by separation
And death because of sin
And sin is because of displeasure which
Begets disobedience and disobedience is the gate of hell

May it not prevail.

Now where was I?🤔 Hell.. Separation😪…reason for breathing…A-ha! 😂I remember now.

So when we disobey GOD, we would surely die. To stand against GOD’s will is to oppose GOD and to do so is resultant in being separated from GOD and that is death. In death, we wander, seeking peace and sooth, looking for eminence and reason, looking for answers, thirsty, hoping for reassurance and evidence, hungry. We know there is an emptiness somewhere and it is not just weakness, it is the paleness of GOD’s nature in us. It is death. This was the finality of humanity until JESUS came.

Remember I told you, the manifesto for JESUS’ coming was and is John 3:16. GOD loves us, like mother to dying child, even when we wandered away from HIS Will for us which was the perfect walk towards peace. We were damned by corruption to perish. Perish not just be tormented (hell, in view, now) but perish…we were damned to die. JESUS came to avert that. His coming was to reintroduce the nature of GOD in an understanding of why there is a need to obey GOD and how it can be done. Salvation is to give life and show how the life was created to work. Where there is life, there is no death and where there is no death, there is no hell which is death by separation. Let me say it before I forget, hell is the lack of peace and my dear Busayo, JESUS brought peace, the very peace of GOD, to humanity. Also from that tiny campaign information, in eternity, one either has eternal life or one perishes. Hell is the perish option.

So the conclusion of this matter (wisely said, for now) is, JESUS is the way, truth and life. Look at the sequence, the way out of hell, the truth of the creation of life and the very life which surpasses the presence of hell. Accepting JESUS is declaring willingness to leave hell and not live hell. What JESUS does is to give life to a dead human like me to see the resurrection power of GOD’s light. To answer your question now, hell is a consequence of disconnection from GOD. And one can do good but if the intentions for said-good do not match the nature of GOD and the intention of GOD, then one is still in death and debt. Simply put, GOD doesn’t just want a form of Righteousness, GOD requires us to have THE righteousness which is HIS righteousness. HIS righteousness touches the holistic being. The righteousness in the body is essential but the soul as much as the spirit should be righteous.

I should not lie to my neighbour, neither should I lie to my nature and I should not lie to GOD.

This is where the trueness of measurement, judgement and scale of good and bad come in.

What JESUS did was to show us an example of how to live and please GOD and reconnect from death to life.

So yes, one can be alive now and here on earth but be in hell by reason of separation from GOD’s will and mandate from GOD.

The essence of being GOD’sBondMan is to reconnect to the purposive will of GOD, to ensure that the gates of hell (disobedience) do not prevail.
Busayo, It is because GOD loves us that HE sent HIS SON to take us out of hell; if we refuse that escape route, we are still in hell. If we deny GOD’s plan to save, we don’t get thrown in hell🤠, we are already in it.

Hell is more consequence than punishment.

Yours annoyingly,
Cephas Olatunde

P. S

knowing all these is a witnessing to you as it is to me… Hell is as real as breath.

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