Today, I shake (hands with) faith by asking question around it:

When we send questions to find answers, what they bring is dependent on whom they were sent to.

Can I have hope without faith?
Is faith tied to sight and can it be tried by sight?
Does faith feed on evidence?
Can faith be fed by manna (the question, “what is this?”)?

Can doubt see faith eye to eye?
Can biased nature sit with faith?
Which comes first, faith or conviction?
Is Conviction born without mother, faith?

Is faith religion?
Is faith lens to GOD, hence the very unseen-hard-to-explain nature?

Is faith my personal testimony – so distinct – that my “ownership” is simply as unique a property and undebatable as the pattern on my fingers?
Can my faith stand the truth (assuming that it is not the truth)?
Is my faith bound by how the neighbour can perceive it?

Can faith be questioned and if it can, should it?
Can one be moral without faith in a reward?
Can hope be moral without desire from a judgement?
Is desire a completion of intention and can faith be isolated from desire?
Is faith cloud and conviction, rain?
Can faith be a stain on my being?
Is there a faith higher than another OR perhaps an unexplained order of faith?
Is there an unannounced law binding faith or does faith bind the very essence of law, making one free or lawless and ruthless?

It is important to know the effect of sending your faith to another.

Can faith be empathy and empathy, faithful?
Is faith-in-humanity its pity?
Does faith cure the pain and bane of lonely unexplainable emptiness?
Is faith an excuse and does it justify the recluse evidence of creator-who-wasn’t-created?

Can your faith be isolated and not go crazy?
Can your faith answer it’s own questions?
Does faith give peace?
Does your faith play it safe?
Is your faith afraid, misdirected, abused and slandered and do you need to defend that which should lead you to safety?
Is your faith a paradox when it isn’t orthodox?
Can your faith leave you in perdition?

can. can. can.
Is your faith able…to deliver?
Can it stand the heat if it is cooked up?
Can your faith defend itself in trial?
Does your faith turn to anything – other than itself – for validation?

The strength of faith is it’s beauty when it returns from journeying.

What is the standard of faith?
How can faith be disproved?
What is the end of faith?
Does faith belong to humanity?
Is faith not nature?

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