How To Run Away From GOD

When man runs away it is because man is naked and man is naked because man had or has heard another voice and obeyed another voice and has set before the course of life the tenets of said-voice which are the words of the speaker and these spoken words have become like keys and seeds played and sown respectively in the nature of flesh over and over and over again.

GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

Genesis 13:4-18 In the perception of the revelation – by the meditation – of scripture, Abram was lardened. The exalted father was plagued between the convictions to do what is lawful and to do what is expedient. In many instances (more than once) he was faced with the need to sacrifice an option of decision … Continue reading GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

GOD’sBondMan: 47 [WAITING]

When you wonder off, “GOD, waiting” is how the universe would say, “grace meets you” but the reason why you go off the course of GOD – making the Creator wait or leaving GOD like the prodigal – to fetch yourself some alternative is not solely because you do not believe but also because of the weights which gravitate you off GOD.