The Seed OFF Peace

But can GOD be hurt? Can GOD bleed? Can GOD weep in pain, can GOD reap in strain? Can GOD be hurt, flesh-broken and crown, a thorn?

How To Run Away From GOD

When man runs away it is because man is naked and man is naked because man had or has heard another voice and obeyed another voice and has set before the course of life the tenets of said-voice which are the words of the speaker and these spoken words have become like keys and seeds played and sown respectively in the nature of flesh over and over and over again.

GOD’sBondMan: 50 [Promise]

Now, what GOD says are never easy things: they do not come with ease, they do not fluctuate or cease. They are impossible; how else do you see that the works of heaven are not man-made save that they beat the very works of coincidence.

GOD’sBondMan: 49 [Made of More]

And all understanding – be it from the root of the truth – comes from GOD and is true and is through all things peaceable to those who are not biased or tainted by the quest for an evidence that they may acknowledge that there be GOD.

GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

Genesis 13:4-18 In the perception of the revelation – by the meditation – of scripture, Abram was lardened. The exalted father was plagued between the convictions to do what is lawful and to do what is expedient. In many instances (more than once) he was faced with the need to sacrifice an option of decision … Continue reading GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

GOD’sBondMan: 47 [WAITING]

When you wonder off, “GOD, waiting” is how the universe would say, “grace meets you” but the reason why you go off the course of GOD – making the Creator wait or leaving GOD like the prodigal – to fetch yourself some alternative is not solely because you do not believe but also because of the weights which gravitate you off GOD.

GOD’sBondMan: 46 [In This Journey]

GOD is sewn into your fears and bears the tears of the rigour of the journey. GOD speaks, from wind: the explanation of GOD, leaks. GOD speaks, the joining of mutual desire is achieved with your intentions and what GOD 's seeks. In this journey, GOD commands the promise of the future…

GOD’sBondMan: 45 [Redemption]

When the LORD comes, it would show that the LORD came: eyes would be transfixed and fixed by light, a trance of deep wonder at how someone – so perverse and drenched in filth and sin of earth – can be so empowered with purity.