Can I have hope without faith?


…because can shower ability, “sure”. But isn’t it futile: to wish and not know what is wished for; to envision and have no concept of what one envisions?

On a Second thought, for GOD’sBondMan, it is not expedient to hope without faith because faith is the framework for hope – it is the immaterial evidence of hope.

It is by faith that we hope, it is by faith that there is hope.

Hope is the longing by which we wait but that which we wait for is faith. In essence, we hope for faith. What we hope for is faith. We hope to have faith. Faith is that which would come and until it comes, we hope.

Hope is the companion and faith, the expectation.

Hope is the drive of life and faith…faith is the end (purpose; not to be confused with finality). Hope is the journey and faith is the reason for the journey.

For those who have hoped, they have had faith, first. Even the one who fights faith has a hope, now, imagine the confluence to fight what gives you the strength to fight.

To live is to have faith and those who leave and leave, well, have done so by faith. What we hope for and what we long for: our hopes to cover, what we hope to see or conceal, they are all by the virtue of faith. By faith we see what cannot be seen, by faith, we bring hope to life.

By faith, there is hope.

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