Is faith tied to sight and can it be tried by sight?


Well, faith is sight…Vision but it is immaterial. For those who doubt, faith is beholding that which cannot be beheld, the vision which transcends sight.

Faith says that there are two pillars in a wall and that the seas are held bound by the might of the order of the universe but by sight all we see is a wall, plain and we see a sea who beats it’s banks but does not trespass.

Faith explaines sight but sight cannot explain faith. Left to sight, faith is fantasy, a made-up explanation, a formidable assumption. For sight, faith is proofless imagination, it is a machination that cannot be unraveled. When faith comes, that which is surreal can be beheld. Faith is not blindness, it is taking the step beyond the physical realms and seeing as GOD sees.

Faith is seeing what GOD sees, in some cases, sight does see limitation and faith sees imitation.

Sight sees ends and faith oversees the ends that meet. Sight sees meats and faith sees the feat of the meat.

So is sight bad?


But sight is not absolute, it is confined, it is the confirmed and manifestated faith that sight can intercept in light.

What faith has seen, sight would see.

Therefore, sight cannot place faith upon trial. On what grounds, really?

The one who sits on the mountain and who can see that the bird is huge shouldn’t be accused by the one in the valley who sees the bird as an artistic “m”.

In sameness, Faith shouldn’t look down on sight, rather faith should lend vision to sight, show sight what is to come, what shall and what will. Let sight behold future and testify the glory of such a miracle.

Faith is a miracle and sight is an angle.

For balance, sight requires faith and faith is made known in sight.

One thought on “Is faith tied to sight and can it be tried by sight?

  1. Amen….
    Sight cannot explain faith
    Faith is seeing as God sees
    What Faith sees, sight would certainly see
    Faith lends vision to sight…
    And this was today’s message, so I got double dose 😊😊.

    Liked by 1 person

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