I do not know how it feels to live in a perfect world, how it must be to be completely healed, how broken it is to feign whole, how united we all are in our many divisions.

I do not know (I am in the process of knowing)

I can’t picture humanity void of freewill, the sole option to do because one can and decide to do because one should. I don’t know how painful it is to not feel pain but know that it exists. I try to convince myself that perfection is an impossible feat but this is untrue.

Perfection is a process but for self, you must let go.

It is like swimming eventhough you have walked all your life: you must learn, now, to realise that your legs do not have to contact the ground to move; your eyes do not have to contact nudity to love; your mind does not have to gratify itself to understand. Your feet do not have to touch earth to move; to fly, you must let go.

For GOD’sBondMan: to live, you must first die.

To be free, you must brace yourself to be bound. To grow, you must be buried. For birth, you must behold death. To unravel light, you must understand the stillness of darkness. To birth regeneration, you must accept seperation.

To be, you must be ready not to be.

To fight, you must brace yourself with peace. To warm, you must be clothed with union. To agree, you must revenge all difference in agreement with love and the lore of it. To be free, you must be bound by freedom.

To see, we must be blind to the lack of light.

To become, you must come and be as you have seen. To sin, you alienate yourself from GOD and that which is right but to be right and just and pious and like GOD, right, you must be one with the law of life.

To hold, you must be ready to be held; to starve hell, you must be ready to yell at the unjust precepts. To become perfect, you must become aware of your imperfections. To be human, you must be intimate with the goal of divinity upon you.

I do not know (but this is the prowess of knowledge).

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