Does FAITH feed on EVIDENCE?


When it comes to faith and evidence, there is a pronounce contest of practicality, and evaluation; and for GOD’sBondMan, that may look just as ineffectual because the concept of faith is as delicate as life.

Faith is as spiritual as prayers and as mental as thoughts. It is as invisible as the wind to the naked eye and as visible as the mirror reflecting image(s) and rays.

So can faith be fed by evidence? Well, it depends on what one means by “evidence”.

For GOD’sBondMan, the request for evidence of faith is like a sublime opposition just like the tempter’s request for proof of sonship from JESUS in the wilderness or when the prosecutors requested for proof that HE is the MESSIAH on the cross. In both instances, what can be observed is that faith does not strive with doubt on the same plain as doubt rather faith provides marks to find it in its essence.

For instance, to the tempter, JESUS affirmed that the proof of sonship isn’t in the miracle of turning stone to bread (which is somewhat a distortion of creation for selfish means and end).

In fact the evidence of faith is not the magnificence of miracles or the terror in the mystery of wonders. The evidence of faith and the very one which feeds faith is dependence on what GOD says through HIS mouth.

As illogical as it appears to be, the only thing which feeds faith is the word of GOD which in turn requires a spark of faith.

If the evidence is the spoken-word of GOD, then faith feeds. If it is the unwavering belief in what is truth, faith feeds, if it is assertive assurance in God’s praise even on the break of death, faith feeds. If it is the showdown which causes heaven to hold it’s breath and hell to cough it’s last, faith feeds. Faith feeds on the immaterial trails towards it. It is as well it’s own meal.

Needless to say as Paul, saint and epistolary preacher puts it, Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.

Faith feeds in the absence of doubt, in the furnace of persecution for the name of GOD.

Faith feeds a few moments from the gallows, before the murderer confesses and before the thief returns what is stolen. Faith feeds on pews, on the street, where there is breath. Faith feeds on trust. The very trust, worth, we thrust upon GOD, the unseen force of existence whose face is JESUS, The CHRIST.

Faith feeds like a child shielded by its mother’s womb and without faith, we cannot please GOD. Without faith, there is no bondman of GOD’s.

The evidence which feeds faith is the dependence and trust to surrender and uphold the truth and the life of truth.

Does FAITH feed on EVIDENCE?

It depends on what we say is “evidence”

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