GOD is the beginning, the core, the lore of everything. GOD is the source, the creator, the root… GOD is the scale the judgement and the end. GOD is the guard the monument and the friend.

It is by the veins of the universe that we can trace the place of GOD. It is by HIS grace that we can. It is by following the wind from where it comes and where it goes that we can get to where GOD is. It is by loving the men and women (in the image of GOD) we see that we can begin to behold GOD in HIS fullness of love. It is by unearthing our wickedness and rewriting our flaws by laying them on threshing floors while letting them go that we can ascend to where GOD has always wanted us to be. But if we decide to hate this: hate that process, hate GOD (somewhat hating ourselves for being), hate the thought of GOD, hate GOD and HIS Thoughts, hate the emotion of desire to see GOD, hate the surge of hope that comes with GOD coming to us in perfect revelation, GOD would not strive.

GOD would not strive with flesh that is desperate and wicked and in conscious desire to be alienated from HIS Will.

GOD would not strive with us if we choose to be silent when HE calls; if we hide from HIS voice and run from HIS footsteps and drive HIS essence away and push HIS thoughts “to decay”. If we denounce GOD when we are given the chance to accept HIM, GOD would not strive. If we reject redemption and repentance and fight others from getting these, GOD wouldn’t strive.

GOD, who is Spirit, would not strive with flesh.

GOD would only arrive with what is befitting of those who strive against HIM. In the abundance of many witnesses, if we decide to prove to ourselves that GOD is naught and GOD is not GOD or good or love or providence or root of universe or tree of justice or lover and friend, or helping and healing, simply because we cannot explain the source of the miracles, signs and wonders which are a foreshadow of HIS presence, GOD would not strive.

If we know of GOD and accept that HE is but disobey what HE says all our days; if we seek pleasure and pressure over GOD, GOD would not strive because GOD would not strive where/because GOD is unwanted. It is for this reason that GOD took no regret to keep free-will to know what the decision would be if given the choice.

And free-will gives choice to want GOD or taunt GOD.

GOD would not strive with those who strive with HIM and do not strive to be as HE wills them to be. GOD would not strive with those who do not thrive by HIS Ways simply because HIS thoughts are not theirs.

As GOD’sBondMan, the duty is to ensure that you do not contravene, as tenant, the tenets of GOD or strive against GOD and take pleasure in those who strive against GOD. The duty is to believe and show everyone what you have discovered by believing, by hoping and by dreaming. It is to reveal what has been revealed to you.

You, too, like GOD should not strive with men but in all peace and forgiveness, by benevolence in JESUS, risen Lord and MESSIAH, dust your feet where the violence is king and the hate is prince and the doubt is service and the wickedness is an emblem of humanity. If there be any and all who seek to take away the revelation of GOD from you – in sublime doubt or enmity and strife – bid a farewell in divine love and leave that you may live as GOD has ordained life unto you. Amen.

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