You should accept the cleansing: the purge when it comes – washing away the debris of corruption.

For GOD’sBondMan, the deluge makes you whole and marks a newness and beginning. It takes the evil away. The flood removes the desire to hate GOD, it trades the violence for peace. It brings forgiveness, it shields repentance. The deluge represents a rehabilitation and reconciliation which serves as a reminder.

You should embrace the waters from heaven and earth as they come.

The pain from memories as they come, the hurt from memories as they go, the hate from a differed-hope – as it is healing. You should accept the healing: the feeling that the hunger can be fed, the fire can be burnt, the wishes can be wished, that the life can live, that the joy can rejoice, that the dove would return with a message of peace, that the destruction of old thoughts in your temple are for the building of a blessed new one. That the rejection of old habits is a mandate for appreciating the cleaning.

You should be glad when you are emptied to be filled, emptied to be felt, emptied to be a field in whose earth is planted the seeds for the harvest.

As GOD’sBondMan, what looks like a loss in following GOD is a gain which you shall come to behold face to face. If the flood brings you wound and leaves you with a scar, it is growth. The scar is a reminder of fire and the process to become as you were ordained to be. The star is a navigator that shows you what shall come and when you arrive – after all the loss, the mockery, the endurance, the journey, the bond to GOD and not to man – you would be covered in and by rest, you would be rewarded for the test, you would be perfect as GOD is perfect.

The deluge – which takes away that which causes you to refute GOD when HE arrives and fuels you to strive with HIS Will – is the summation of a new creation, a new in the beginning, a rebirth…a new let us make man as WE are. Amen.

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