We know who GOD is. We know that – in divine thought and order to replicate HIMSELF into flesh – man was made.

We know who man is. We know that man is dust, walking; miracle, beholding; breathing earth and life living from nothing.

What we need to know is the bond between GOD and man: between creator and created; between the creation and the reason for creation; between the beginning and “the amen”; between thoughts and accomplishment of thoughts. What we need to understand is the bond between the music and the dancing, between the conceptualisation and the actualisation, between the intention, the tension and the action or reaction; between the father, the mother and the child; between the GOD – of all flesh who is Spirit – the breath and then flesh; between GOD, the bond and the man.

The understanding is the fulfillment…it is the road to it at least (for those who don’t totally agree with the immaterial evidence of faith without evidence).
What does bring beauty to this question is not the quest itself but the fact that to begin the question is to have the end in place; that the questions which are asked have – in themselves – answers, that the conquest is bound by a request of some sort.

What it means to be GOD’sBondMan, is to know and to understand then apply to action that man (male and female and nothing more than these), as was created, is the representation and representative of GOD upon the earth. Therefore, when GOD formed earth and exhaled breath into formed-earth, it was to mirror heaven. The goal of humanity is to be as divinity is but upon the earth.

As GOD is to heaven, so is man to earth.

There can be no other exaltation as greatly machined as this: that GOD should be reiterated in creation and done so by a repetition in flesh. GOD’sBondMan is the actualisation of this, the process to the actualisation. The goal is to repeat GOD upon the earth, to echo GOD’s voice, to “as it is in heaven” so do “upon the earth”.

To pray in the way that is an answer to prayers.

This is the portrait of creation. But is this the eventual case? No. Meaning that, by corruption, a severed cord was established, a break in transmission, a disconnection, a refusal to be GOD upon the earth. Man (male and female and nothing but these) – in trying to be Like GOD by being refusing to echo and hoping to croon a sole voice – gave no right to his highest form. Man “denounced his immortality” which was only found in the continuation of the edict of “heaven upon the earth”.

If this wasn’t wickedness, it was folly: a result of deception, a con played that all descendants may dance as bondmen. From corruption, we became bondmen which is how you would describe the slavery to desires; to hope, deferred; to death; to guilt; to suffering; to coughing Earth and convulsing weather; to hungry mist; to constipated harvest; to emptiness…

Sin is emptiness and sinning is the emptying process.

If GOD left man this way it would not be a painting of love so after panting after man and skipping heart beats for every sin committed, GOD came to man as man, Jesus: edifice of the manifestation of CHRIST, the Messiah, to show man what the original plan was from creation.

To show man how man should be is to show man how GOD is.

As GOD is in heaven, so man should be on earth but to be on earth, GOD, the man must receive from GOD, the Father in heaven. What salvation is, is the reconnection. The renaissance of a civilisation deserted but alive. Man, the soldier did not need to be marooned forever when they could not see what has been, what is and what would be should they decide to come back to the nature of GOD upon earth.

What then is the GOD’sBondMan purpose?

A visitation, a reminder, a journey to final point of journeying. On the way we pick up bits and pieces of us which were exploded when we walked out of who we were created to be. GOD’sBondMan is setting the captive free since they have already being made free by the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, lord of all the universe.

GOD’sBondMan is following Jesus.

We know who GOD is, we know who man is. We now know that the bond is JESUS and by this cord of connection, the journey is certain, the destination is sure.


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