On conscious sin, dear Cephas, I would like to see this as retaliation and not just rebellion.

For the one who knows that what they do is sinful but continue to do so perhaps for the flicker of gains and pleasure that it brings do not just partake in this for the sake of it but because it hurts the nature of the divine.

Quote me, one of the many ways to fight GOD is to willfully disobey the tenets that nourish the divine nature within the human.

One of the ways to fight GOD is to starve GOD-within-you: to make the temple desolate, to isolate the Presence of GOD, to tolerate a mockery of the divine truth.

One of the ways to fight GOD is to rid yourself of purity and do so willfully.

It is also to say, “I know how to escape but I love the captivity, take me captivity, break me oh captivity, I do not want to be redeemed at least not on this case”.

One way to fight GOD is to choose where you need to be saved, where you need to be redeemed from, to dictate the boundary for healing.

What conscious sin does is to dare the limits of mercy and grace, it seems to know how far the divine forgiveness can go and what is the potency of the Salvation which is the price of acceptance.

Remember GOD WOULD NOT STRIVE. Cephas, I don’t believe that those who consciously sin do so, always, by their own power….there is also the place of an influence and oppression but I always believe that a trap door is opened and so the trick can take place. Often times, deceived to the lie that this time is the last, the conscious sinner is commended, “Make it count because from now on, it is no more” but the circle continues.

What opens the trap door of vulnerability is, in cases like this, offence. What does offend you can open your defense for invasion. What could also lead to this is evasion, to avoid certain truths at the cost of being comfortable.

The truth only comforts those who have accepted it wholly.

And Cephas, lest I forget, in the fullness of time and measure, unconscious sin becomes conscious sin which has now been evaded. Correct me but we were born in the time of human advancement where we got to know a lot earlier than other times.

The world is smaller, the world is spherical, the world is lost, the world is an orchestra of many voices and an exam of many choices.

We were born in a time when our one problem was having so much to decide from. It also means we got to know a lot was wrong and it was a song which was sung for so long, I bet you that you still remember the sound of morality before every deed and this is coupled with the promise of the Creator to write the law in our hearts.

The moral code is painted on the walls of our judgment and mind; so yes, most of our sins are very much consciously committed and yes, free-will should not be the allowance for the lack of accountability.

In the end, when GOD does judge, GOD doesn’t judge the actions of the human, alone… GOD seeks to understand the intentions and this is why if we can deceive others and pretend to deceive ourselves, the divine law of repercussion is not moved.

Where’s mercy?

Not to say that we have stretched mercy thin but most cases, mercy doesn’t just come in judgement, mercy comes before the commission of sin. We actually ignore mercy and grace.

So, Cephas, for GOD’sBondMan, the one way to commit a conscious sin is to forgo the bond and separate what is GOD’s from man. Keep the bond, my dear Cephas, it is what binds the man to the GOD.

Have a blessed Sabbath.

One thought on “CONSCIOUS SIN

  1. Glorify JESUS. DEAR SON. This piece on CONSCIOUS SIN is a divine food and drink for deep reason to a purposeful life. The Podcast of these write ups will greatly bless many. This can be done daily as many will see it as another kind of daily devotion. This is wonderful. The LORD bless you more with deeper revelation and perception in Jesus’ Name. I Love this. I love you. Be blessed. Shalom

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