GOD’sBondMan: 33 [POPULAR]


Please, be advised, the one who walks with GOD is in constant enmity with the world.

If you follow GOD, you cannot be accepted, you may not be loved, you cannot be embraced, you cannot be acquinted, your case must offend, you cannot be comfortable. Those who hold GOD – IN HIGH GRACE – cannot necessarily be in agreement with the world and the standard of the world.

Those who are moral cannot be in constant unity with the immoral.


To be on the side of GOD, is to be broken from inside out, to be woken from the inside and out of the great slumber of the world. To be a channel of heaven upon the earth, you must be ready to be opposed, be prepared to be up and positioned on the pinnacle of shame. You shall be persecuted, you shall be ridiculed, you would not fit in, you would be a misfit, you would obey authority and you would be misquoted. You would obey the divine law but the corrupt law would find you guilty, find your (which is the) truth haughty, seek to crucify you with accusations too great for skin to bear, seek to rip you off, seek to take what you reap.

What Comes With Following GOD.

If you follow GOD, you should be ready to be called a devil. The narrow-way would be offensive to broad streets, it would annoy, it would judge even without you offering a statement of reasoning.

Those who are with GOD, whose wits are GOD’s would be tempted, their earthly freedom would be affected, they would be bound, found and bound.

Oh the irony, those who are subject to GOD are already used to being bound. They know the price for freedom is boundary, they know that the world can touch the flesh, burn the skin and torment the veins but they cannot hurt the soul. Even in the worst place, they rejoice, they are strengthened. When the followers of GOD faint, their blood paints the unique signature of salvation upon the earth. Their footsteps lead to the cross, they are grossly sold to the eternal reward of victory in the birth, life, Wonder, promise, death, ressurection and ascension of JESUS, the bond.

They rejoice because HIS yoke is freedom and HIS sight is light.

Even in the judgement, HE is just as conflict as contrast for those who gnash their teeth and cover their ears to the truth.

GOD is known but not Popular.

Please, be advised, the life of GOD is not popular (heck, even GOD isn’t loved). It’s tenets look infamous: to the carnal, out of order; to the spiritual, there is no other worth believing in. The life of GOD is not pop-culture and that which is popular in the standard of (wo)men is soon an abomination before GOD but the life of GOD defends itself. It convicts and sets in judgement even before death. It upholds the cause and effects, it gives results and wage for toil.

The outcome of life is a product of the resolve of the life of GOD.

It is like the rock, hit it and you are hurt, if it falls upon you, you are naught.
It is truth, silent until appointed to speak.

GOD’s life is unpopular to the secular and GOD’sBondMan is just a replica.


One thought on “GOD’sBondMan: 33 [POPULAR]

  1. Thought of this today. A misfit who – after proper understanding – appreciates being not in that ‘company’ of the seemingly popular (sorry for the twisted English 😁). I find it as a journey and in light of the BondMan of God’s, a man or woman who has put more value on God and His word. Lifting it and using it as standard above any other principle..

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