GOD’sBondMan: 34 [COMFORT]

If your neighbour is naked, cover them.

When you cover your neighbour, do not look at their nakedness, do not pry, don’t seek to know what the vulnerable parts of your neighbour(s) are. When your neighbour is weak, strengthen them; hold their arms up to the sky, lend them your prayers, lend them your love and let loose your reservoir of sacrifice. If your neighbour is lost, seek them, find them, save them by the grace of GOD, set forth a party to search them out, if the neighbour is in dry land, set ocean beds to annoint their wants.

If your neighbour is weary, give them reason to continue, share your hope with them and let light be transferred like candle light from one Wax-holder to another.

If your neighbour is naked, cover them. Do not seek to uncover, for in doing this, you would decipher and discover that you are as empty, as bare and as mirror-reflected or by this, you would become.

Do not mock Those in need, don’t joke on those who need to feed. Do not choke those – who are thirsty – with the wrong words like water down the wrong tract.

When Your neighbour is a Noah, do not Ham Them.

Cover the neighbour who seeks warmth, uncover the joy helping without reservation. Seek to give without wanting to be given, to forgive without recalling what is deserving. When your neighbour does not know that what they do is wrong, tell them.

And even when your neighbour is a knower, do not harm them.

If they consciously seek to hurt you, do not harm them. Peace is a greater weapon and healer of hurt than vengeful strive. It is just as simple. We pass the understanding of love when we sacrifice our lusts – in justification – for the good of lasting love. We need to teach them the worth of life even the life which lasts for eternity. If you know the way to live forever, show your neighbour because eternity is a long long time to be dead.

When your neighbour is comfortless; comfort them less of nothing.

As GOD’sBondMan, you must brace yourself to do the work of GOD even to those you think are undeserving because even you, by corruption, are just as undeserving. It is by grace that you are aware of the race and it is by the knowledge of the place of GOD that you can finish your journey to trace the footsteps back to the life of peace. It is not by the power of boasting or upsurping that we overcome, it is by the testimony of the nature of GOD which we follow and the divine grace to do so, without weavering in doubt.

Being GOD’sBondMan means that if your neighbour is Noah, cover their shame like Shem – this attitude is the rare germ of faith, restoration, hope and belief. It is blessed to uplift and seek the Salvation of others as you seek yours.


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