…and one of the many inadequacies of our present state of humanity is to neglect that all that is and all that was and all that would be are ways of GOD stretching HIS arms to us.

That life is GOD reaching out to you and that the air is HIS embrace. That the trees are not just fur of the earth but signals of the very presence of GOD and that you can find GOD in everything – not a form of GOD but a print of GOD – and that the Divine can be traced from what is known to that which is unknown but would be revealed. That everything points back to GOD, screaming out the perfection of the creator that even in corruption there is such beauty in the order of nature. That the birds are speakers, busy taking turns to sound the new discoveries of the dawn. That the wet grasses are a shadow of the former nature of the earth where the part of GOD was manifest in the faithfulness of dew upon earth every dawn.

One issue you have is to speed up with life and not pause to wonder the many mechanisms of the life which you rush over. That everything speaks: The timber in the roof; the beam in the wall; the earth, vibrating; the sky and the constantly moving clouds; the sun, rising and the moon going into hiding; the air moving from one place to the other. Everything speaks, echoing through Consciousness, the intention of GOD.

One issue is that we do not stop to listen and wait to speak back.
So while GOD speaks to you by everything, you should listen and respond by living.

GOD would speak to you through silence, through absence, the pulse – without pause – in the rhythm of your beating heart, through space and boundless time, through hunger, skin, care and eyes that water the cheeks, through knees, bent or from stances, through anything and through everything.

God would speak through you to you

(because then, you should understand and would not ignore).

One issue is when GOD is speaking or when GOD speaks, do you listen? Do you listen because it is sweet to hear GOD speaking or do you listen: hoping to scrap what you can, hoping to scratch out what you can fetch out for yourself, hoping that the promises are a sign of goodness on your way or a warning of danger in your day?

Do you listen because it is splendid to hear GOD everyday or do you do so for what you can get?

One issue is the test of your love for GOD is embedded in the attitude and fervor to hear GOD’s voice and the sound of HIS witnesses of the Truth upon the affairs of your heart. To hear HIS words echo through everything, bouncing on green-grass leaves or man-made walls or rocks that would not be moved or water that would not cease to move, or roads, busy and people living and others leaving as they have come. As GOD’sBondMan, the test of your existence and the fulfilment of your existence is:

to hear GOD speak as a friend and to speak back to GOD in perfect(ing) reasoning.


Additional notes:

The speaking GOD is the seeking GOD who leaves evidence that HE lives and drops points that point back to HIS presence such that because GOD is spirit and visibly absent HE can be felt. For example, GOD uses the wind and the air to demonstrate the presence found in visible absence and to point out that even when one is not aware that they breathe, they do not stop breathing thus, even when one is not conscious that GOD is with them, HE doesn’t leave them. With wind, GOD has spoken assurance to you. Among the numerous forms of HIS speech are wind and breath and conscious living.

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