GOD’sBondMan: 37 [GOD’S DESIGN]

In everything, in every sting, in every bling, in every blink, in every sink, in every stink, in every shriek, in every scene, in every scheme, GOD’s Will prevails.

It avails an end, it travails over any reason – void of the very reason for it’s sake. In the scattering, it is GOD’s Will, in the bantering or bartering, it is GOD’s Will.

Where the (hu)man fails and hope bails or when plans wail and failure rails at the very skin of preparation, it is GOD’s Will that would prevail.

When the tower falls into flat earth or into fat earth or into an asphalt of art and health, it is GOD’s design.

When humanity is confused and the wisdom of men – evil for the motifs to end their beginnings, to repeat the history of mindless rebellion – is confounded, it is GOD’s Design.

It is the Divine Design to create more languages, more cultures, to multiply humanity, to spread the amazing discovery of GOD in flesh upon the very face of the earth. To subdue the earth by the presence of skillful man (in the image of GOD).

It is the Divine Design that the unity of humanity (against its Divinity) – being in enmity – would be subdued and defeated. It is the Divine Design that a tower – whose aim is heaven – is broken once taken out of the quiver and that mighty men can behold the truth that hunters are great but GOD is not game and GOD is not a game and that shame would be the crown of him or her who seek to cast – in blame – the desire to pull down the splendour of heaven to the earth and to exalt any and all imaginations which stand against the knowledge and fear of GOD in obedience.

It is the design of GOD to defeat man that man, may at the feet of GOD, seek their pure audience in surrender and offer all that they have so that (s)he may gain it all in an eternity of peace.

It is GOD’s Design that righteousness would win and sin would grow thin; thus, the kin of evil would meet its end and have no reason to forge ahead once it had been conquered and that conquest for heaven is salvation for man as that tower and other examples of power that seek to rise above the edict of GOD’s Principle is brought down and rebellious town is made desolate and scattered and the crown of he or she who upholds the opposition of GOD is tilted off the head and fed to the birds whose only life is the obedience of GOD, the creator.

It is God’s plan to stand in victory where the (hu)man has tried to withstand the mystery of GOD Who made man in the image of GOD by Earth and breath and debt as a bondman of GOD’s.

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