In the fullness of time when it is ripe and right to test the potency of your devotion as a measure of your conviction of faith – both in GOD and in the restoration of humanity to GOD – there is one of many questions that is placed before your consciousness:

How much does your faith cost?

What is the price for belief, what price do you believe in? One of the many ways to test and evaluate the price of your faith is in the manifestation of the workings of your faith through sacrifice. When you give as a testament of your faith at moments when it is expedient but not convenient.

The price of faith is sacrifice, to give and to forgive.

When faith – which is invisible nature and immaterial life – is called to defence, it is sacrifice that grants others understanding to the very light of your faith. How bright your faith is in a dark and desolate place and time is the price of your faith. How deep and emptying your sacrifice is in the determination of the resolve of your faith, is the price of faith.

For GOD, did have faith in humanity – that it can be saved – and gave HIS Son, JESUS the CHRIST, who gave grace, and emptied the grave and it’s things and forgave humanity.

Note therefore that this sacrifice of love is the eminent assurance of GOD that brings up our faith. In the same vein, we have faith-in-GOD, that humanity can be saved and our neighbours can be saved and, this we do, in the assurance of faith by sacrificing ourselves for others in time and love and affection and everything.

It is even worth more when our faith reaches out to those who are “our Foes”; those who are offended by our humanity, which is the dependence on divinity.

As GOD’sBondMan, the cost of your faith is evaluated in the sacrifice laid for others, in what and how you give and why it is given and while we are forgiven and we forgive; we must forgive others who wrong our very human natures.

The price of faith in GOD is to give your life to the course of GOD: emptying desires to be filled; empty, in desires, and ready for the field whose harvest is ripe and labourers are few. The price of faith in GOD is to share the wondrous truth of the divine plan of creation, or relation and in salvation, of redemption and – in the end – of ascension. Therefore, as GOD gave, in faith, so you should give in faith – foregoing the doubt that devalues your price of sacrifice and believing in the invisible GOD, who is Spirit, and HIS voice is true – speaking truth and guiding on things to come.

Additional Note:

The price of your faith is leaving the old life behind. Leaving the oldness of staleness and fate. The price of faith is living the hold of GOD. For as GOD saves to uphold the faith in HIS nature – which is planted in us – so shall we pay the price of our faith too ensample the divine work of GOD. To save in the similitude of forgiveness, Of love, of trust and off the rust of oldness which is off faith in GOD.

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