GOD’sBondMan: 41 [COME FORTH]

Come Forth

Step out from the darkness and into the light. Come off the darkness – the thick clouds of uncertainty, the formless shadows of your creation and the question(s) of the unseen – and let there be light. From whence the distrust thrusts enmity upon you, from whence the blind misjudgment arises with Dawn to stun the faith that procreated your peace. Come forth from unequal doubts and deliberations that instigate the annunciation of salvation.

Come into the Fort

From demise to promise. Come into the fortress of hope: the desire of GOD that is “to desire GOD” until you become the “desire of GOD”. To become friend of the Holy One, an acceptable offering whose breath is sacrifice – offered every moment – in worship and submission even to the course of surrendering. Come into the shield where belief is the force and hope, the forecast, that holds the spirit and soul in place. Come into the fort(ress) and rest in the ambits of the direction of GOD which comes by the revelation of the pure entity of GOD.

Come! Be the Fourth…

Let the fear of death usher you to life, let death give you life. Let suffering usher the enthronement. Come, let us reason, come let us – by reason – dwell. Come, let us see eye-to-eye and faith-to-faith and imagine the same thing away from the vane things. Let dead things remain dead and only in the resurrection of eternal life be reborn – without corruption – in newness as of creation. Come, be the fourth, after the trinity, let (hu)man be “GOD upon earth”: a manifestation of heaven upon earth. Let the (hue)man be reflection of GOD, the image of the invisible creator as creation. Come, become the fourth after the trinity, that FATHER and SON – in spirit – be united into the dwelling of the human who is a host of the divine and supernatural intention.

Additional Note

Come out of your former state, and out of your tradition that exalts lies above the knowledge of the truth of GOD, come forth to the sanctuary, embrace the light and let the all-blazing revelation break every concealment. Come forth unto the journey that GOD would show you, come forth unto a path that GOD would “know you” as HIS Own. Come into the Bond of GOD and be-come free by the law of liberty.

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