GOD’sBondMan: 42 [MIRROR]

When GOD seeks to establish the template of HIS Will and Kingdom in your heart, or of HIS Righteousness in your art or of HIS Master Plan upon the earth which you thread, GOD seeks to make you a mirror.

As GOD’sBondMan, the goal, too, is to be a mirror, unbroken: a reflection that stands the rays of the universe is the mechanism which is able to see the sun eye to eye and show others in the same magnitude. As GOD’sBondMan, you are a raw demonstration of the consolidation of Heaven filtered into flesh, that as bondman of GOD’s, you are a refined consultation of the haven of peace filled-and tarred into the mesh of divine interpretation upon the earth. What GOD’s seeks to establish is a mirror, that which is the very stance of judgement to those who behold and look into the position of your wit.

You are responsible for showing others what they do not see, profoundly, about themselves.

You are a confirmation of truth and that is why GOD calls you forth, first, to step out of the gathering of uncertainty to a point of certain assurance which HE shows you: a journey of breaking rocks to harvest water; a journey of no-physical-proof which provides roof and all that is needed; a journey which is void of your plan(ing) yet grants you the land for the inheritance of your offspring, unborn; a journey whose only summation is the step of faith and the help off fate; a journey of purity and pure revelation which would not cease until you are washed, clean, to present the truth to others that they, too, may see that they need to be cleansed.

I believe – in earnest faith – that GOD calls those who can stand the bane of transformation and are in themselves, willing without reservation or resentment, to be the very representation of the verdict of heaven.

GOD seeks those who can leave all to live for HIS Name, those who denounce the shame of this since it is simply a work of the ego of the (hu)man.

GOD seeks those who are imperfect that their perfection may be evidence of the glorious miracle – which is first a symptom of madness. GOD seeks those who embrace the many uncertain yet certain moments of unearthly events: those who seek answers and crawl beneath the robe of GOD to hold on to the sacrifice of truth, those who are ready to bear only that which is true and expository – regardless of what vane investments they must leave behind.

The journey of faith is rid of the ownership of “self”.

Brace yourself: you do not own your breath, you do not own anything save the very certification of your allegiance to the force of the supernatural which works in and through you – either GOD’s or the adversary of GOD.

As GOD’sBondMan, GOD makes you a boomerang that those who bless you are blessed in turn and those who curse are, of course, cursed, needless of your vengeful prayers. When GOD goes forth to seek the restoration of HIS ordination, GOD seeks to recreate a reflection of HIS image and in full understanding by the likeness of divinity upon the earth.

Additional Notes

What GOD promises to reward your obedience – without reservation – is “your life”; only in the proportions which are greater than when you gave it up. For all you have lost, and for all you have desired, seeing that you are dust, GOD seeks to grant you in the magnitude of HIS unlimited Wealth and to do this as an attestation of the reward of following the creator who makes everything from nothing.

3 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan: 42 [MIRROR]

  1. And I happen to be listening to New Wine by Hillsong.
    Broken, contrite, a vessel to showcase His glory. He creates from nothing. He would not cease until I become thoroughly clean. Till I become who I could never be on my own. This series has become a mini devotional… 🙏🙏

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