GOD’sBondMan: 44 [Assurance]

When the LORD comes, you’ll go

You would go without wavering; withering not. You would find it as the fulfilment of your very creation and it is by HIS grace that you would move, your steps would be as the LORD orders them; HE would give you HIS shoes, your feet would not suffer corruption.

Remember the shoes of faith are huge thus the big steps.

It would be your life, a comfort for your breathing. Although the journey is treacherous, it is the words of The LORD that would send peace and sooth because The LORD, Lore of the universe, has said, “go”, you’ll go because as HE comes, The LORD would go as you go.

I reckon, that most times we show fear at the enormity and entirety of the Will of GOD, once you see it; it is even brighter once you step into it, it is greater when you begin such that what you now see as huge and difficult is simply bigger and grander and would appear in its gratification when you get closer.

The earth – the fright and the fight – is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof; the light is the LORD’s; the protection, by night, is HIS; the might and the right to the earth are The LORD’s; the plight is even HIS to mold you – to avail a new birthed-creation; the flight – from the wiles of evil and the piles of the devil, waiting to break asunder, should Heaven allow – is The LORD’s.

Additional Note

I dare say to you that, for GOD’sBondMan, the adversity is from The LORD: all that is good and not-good, as a measure of reenacting your conviction. Because when The LORD comes, you’ll go; you’ll go as The LORD has come, as HE has commanded, as HE has orchestrated, as HE has proposed in HIS Heart.

You would go because with The LORD’s coming, comes the strength to do as The LORD says.

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