GOD’sBondMan: 45 [Redemption]

When the LORD comes, it would show

Perhaps even you would not realise what you now carry, because the reckoning and beckoning and calling of the LORD is light to your bones and makes light of the weight of stones: it gives strength but it is the strength, the rebirth, the newness that bursts forth through you. The LORD seeks you and to use you as a reflection and manifestation of the Divine will. So when the LORD comes, you’ll reflect HIS Image and the Image of the invisible GOD becomes visible upon the face of your flesh, a glow and shinning light, an enlightenment and the commission by which you know all things.

When The LORD comes, HIS presence would over-shadow all your weaknesses and inadequacies and inequalities and insufficient meditation and inconclusive revelation. The LORD would complete you, piecing together the peace of your creation, completing the puzzle of the reason for your existence that has always puzzled you. Taking control of the immovable terrors and secrets (in the currencies of regret) that incarcerated your conviction, sentencing you to doubt that you are worthy, can be made worthy or can walk – and work – worthy .

When The LORD comes, your transformation would show: the inability to conform, your certainty to tell of the former things as “gone”, the great responsibility to carry the form of GOD and be conscious.

When the LORD comes, it would show that the LORD came: eyes would be transfixed and fixed by light, a trance of deep wonder at how someone – so perverse and drenched in filth and sin of earth – can be so empowered with purity. It would show that the greatest miracle is the Salvation of GOD’s soul in you to its full stature.

The greatest miracle is the redemption by the coming of the LORD.

When the LORD comes, it would show the light and love of the GOD of the universe to seek out to save and restore to the right path the one who was lost, who is dust and the last who must be first in the ideal decision to set forth to the journey of fulfilling the covenant of heaven.

As GOD’sBondMan, I am assured that When the LORD comes, it would be so.

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