GOD’sBondMan: 46 [In This Journey]

The journey of GOD – and GOD’s – to GOD is – absolutely – from GOD.

IN THIS JOURNEY, GOD is the guide and guard and it is by the Voice of GOD that the Presence of GOD is revealed – as the Voice of GOD walking in the midst of men and women en route GOD. It is by the evidence of GOD’s words which envelope GOD’s thoughts. In this journey, the thought of GOD is (of) peace and that is the evidence of the presence of GOD’s thought that there is peace in the very presence of the aches of the journey.


GOD is sewn into your fears and bears the tears of the rigour of the journey.

GOD speaks, from wind: the explanation of GOD, leaks. GOD speaks, the joining of mutual desire is achieved with your intentions and what GOD seeks. In this journey, GOD commands the promise of the future, showing visions and possession of regions to be the potions of those who are yet to come.

IN THIS JOURNEY, assignment, decision and commitment are the key to the progress. And if we hope to skip a point of the wandering, wondering why GOD waits, it is because GOD waits where we left off, where we derailed from, where we left GOD. There is no bypassing of protocol or ignoring of process.

The very essence of progress is that the process is fulfilled.

Additional Note

IN THIS JOURNEY, you do not need to “know to move”. As GOD’sBondMan, you “move to know”. The design of faith is to hear and then to see; but to see, you have to hear: and you hear the word of GOD; and you hear, by the word of GOD. To see, in the spiritual journey of GOD’sBondMan, audition creates imagination by which those who were, once, blind to see GOD can now envision and share the vision of the Most High.

You would see men walking like trees, rooted in the earth and then, you’ll see men as men. The miracle of sight is given and the sins of the now-contrite servant and friend are forgiven.


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