GOD’sBondMan: 47 [WAITING]

DEAR pink Bear(PB),

‘Bless you child.

I can tell you – again – that what I said yesterday is certain about GOD waiting. Remember that GOD would not strive with man, anymore so when men and women – even those who are called into a rare divine ordination – wander off the course of the divine will, wondering why and questioning GOD for reason or by reason of a pint of frustration or unequal manifestation of the promise of GOD, the divine is silent.

Heaven would not speak in contrast with its previous statement of verdict and assurance. When you wonder off, “GOD, waiting” is how the universe would say, “grace meets you” but the reason why you go off the course of GOD – making the Creator wait or leaving GOD like the prodigal – to fetch yourself some alternative is not solely because you do not believe but also because of the weights which gravitate you off GOD.

The weight of the human causes GOD “to wait” when the human wanders off in the search of a wonder greater than the wondrous salvation of GOD.

These weights (sometimes) are desires: they are conversations – through which “the day of evil” is quickened in our flesh. These weights are people, whose inner resolution is to disagree with “what you are” and “who you should be” only to linger on what they hope “you would be” on the long run – sporting with you like game and willingly repeating the same flaw as a point of provocation both to GOD and to GOD-in-the-flesh, you. These weights are thoughts, most definitely, the oughts that push us – me inclusive, my dear – to do what we do not want to do and to not do what we want to do, in earnest. These weights are fires, catching up in sparkles, rattling up the grass and grace and burning our very beings with anger for the divine where the very solution eminent aside unbelief is oppositions to the belief that GOD is enough thus, you – consciously or unconsciously – believe that GOD is a puff away from leaving.

So PB, I am sure of it that when you brew into yourself an emptiness which cannot be filled or build a cage for yourself from which you cannot (by human means) be freed, it is by your own hands and feet and eyes and mind that you leave. When you leave the course of GOD and hope to live on your own, you are undertaking a journey of uncertain results. Yes, GOD’s Grace is sufficient and GOD is with you, always, but the part of GOD in whom your divine direction lies, stays, waits for you to reroute back to the point where you left off.

God would not leave even when you refuse to cleave.

So when you leave off course and get lost, and pray that GOD would bless your endeavours, heaven feels mocked, feels cheated to a point of hurt, heaven breaks into tears because GOD would not break the principles of understanding which hold up heaven like pillars for the sake of a renegade unwilling to join the parade of the conquest of and for GOD.

So the LORD waits because you hold on to the weights – the Pleasure, the pressure, the measure of scales of self-righteous or indignant fears, the treasure of uncertainty by virtue of what you inwardly desire but are unwilling to reach for – and would not move with you into the path of perdition until you come back. Until you set forth for the light from the darkness, until you set off to dawn from midnight whence you stand, until you pledge to life to understand the divine will, to see GOD eye-to-eye on the matter of your being. GOD waits until you are ready to accept the sense that makes up your ordinance – faith.

Now, pink Bear, for how long GOD waits, I do not know. Only mercy can tell and only GOD knows how many times “mercy has said no!”

Yours, conflictedly,

Ọlátúndé Chidera Ọbáfémi

P. S
I Understand the irony of standing God up and praying for God to stand up for you.

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