GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

Genesis 13:4-18

In the perception of the revelation – by the meditation – of scripture, Abram was lardened. The exalted father was plagued between the convictions to do what is lawful and to do what is expedient. In many instances (more than once) he was faced with the need to sacrifice an option of decision for another of similitude in the magnitude of effect. For one, among many, it seemed – and rightly so, too – that carrying Lot was a lot.

For Abram, “to carry a Lot was a lot”.

What he considered or what he wished to achieve whether it was to avoid being alone, to simply stand in the gap of a lost (dead) father – Haram – or to be exalted from mere kinsman to father, it is left, untold. But in those days of old, Abram was sure to notice that the covenant of GOD did not answer to the cry of (any)one who had taken another one who was not tied to the manifestation of it.

For a moment it seems that GOD waited for them to part ways from pathing each other’s ways.

One thing was certain that among the dividends of living by “what kin would say” was the eminent discord that is brewed like fermented liquor.

To engage in communion with those who do not share in the propensity of your values – to the journey of GOD – is to be ready to strive, even, in plenty. Where wealth scratches the walls and the frames of unity; where distrust and aches linger.

It seemed that Lot, who now had a lot, proved to be a lot for Abram’s peace; thus, a division into different pieces of sojourning. “If you go right, I’ll go to where is left.”

For Abram, casting a Lot was wiser than casting lots…

Additional Note

Dear GOD’sBondMan, do not take with you those who do not know why you began in the first place. Do not seek for company and escort from those who are unwilling to know why you are sold-out to GOD in the way that you are. It is not an award to move in the company of those who despise what you uphold.

To gain, now, is to be at loss of those kind of kin.

2 thoughts on “GOD’sBondMan: 48 [Lot]

  1. Leave the load even if they are a lot
    The load does not not have to inanimate. It could be a breathing being-a human
    Let the cleaving lose its bond if it does not let you walk properly
    If it is not part of letting you move in The journey
    If it is not an inspiration
    If it is an avenue for prayer
    Then let the bond lose
    Every weight that easily draws us down, drop down.
    It does not have to be a lot to be right
    Little is okay
    Because with God, it is always majority……
    A seven paragraph shirt poem. Amen….

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