GOD’sBondMan: 49 [Made of More]

As GOD’sBondMan, you are made of more than flesh and blood.

Lest humanity glory in the place of GOD or by the grace of GOD only to replace it – at will – to take praises in the diverse races of life, beware of the gift that intends to sift.

Beware of the rift that hopes to lift an imagination higher than the knowledge of GOD’s Life and Will which supersedes the plan of humans.

Be aware of the boast that can be led to waste and consumed to roast.

If that which you pant-after can be burnt in fire, then beware of it. Beware to forfeit that which causes you to forfeit the goal of GOD because the goal of GOD is the aim and score beyond the vision of the human, beyond what eyes can see and fathom, beyond what the minds can comprehend – beyond reason. The reason for you to be aware is that the concept of human blessings, outside the machination of GOD, is a lace of deceit and a case of conceit from that which is not true not matter how real. What humanity blesses, that curses the course of GOD, is a cause worth being aware off.

For if humanity blesses you with its wisdom to glory in the manifestation of this wisdom against the praises which are GOD’s – and are not for other gods – then there would be judgment for “displacing” GOD. For it is by GOD that there is any form of cognition; and the coordination of this, is a gift of GOD by which there is understanding. And all understanding – be it from the root of the truth – comes from GOD and is true and is through all things peaceable to those who are not biased or tainted by the quest for an evidence that they may acknowledge that there be GOD.

Perhaps I must add that, for GOD’sBondMan, in the presentation of GOD – by the wisdom of GOD – it is the prerogative of GOD to be revealed and if GOD, who is not flesh, be revealed amongst flesh and be unseen by flesh, be aware that Will of Heaven is done upon the earth.

Additional Note

If there is any wonder and miracle of you and the manifestation of high reflection, it is because you are made of more than flesh and blood, of more than earth and the world, of more…like breath and the word of GOD, of more like death by crucifixion and the blood of JESUS, the risen CHRIST.

Lest humanity forget, GOD’sBondMan is made of more than lore and the Fall.


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