GOD’sBondMan: 50 [Promise]

What The LORD, GOD, has said shall stand;
it shall not fail because of the power of HIS Mighty hand.

That which GOD has promised would not be missed by the fulfilment of heaven.

When GOD says a thing, it means everything.

Now, what GOD says are never easy things: they do not come with ease, they do not fluctuate or cease. They are impossible; how else do you see that the works of heaven are not man-made save that they beat the very works of coincidence.

The words of GOD are always consistent: a journeyman who is aware of the end, remaining steady and strong with the affirmation that there is a straight-way after the bend. The word of The LORD plants faith: the fortitude to understand that which is yet to be.

So when The LORD promises, it is not what man can give, it is not what man can leave, the heart of men cannot – by any means – conceive the deep secrets and plans of the Most High.

To the barren, The LORD promises an inheritance which is only worth its while should they have offspring(s). For the fertile spring, the LORD causes dryness – all to show the manifold and infinite stretch of the Divine Purposive Will.

When The LORD chooses, The LORD cannot be questioned.

The choice of the (hu)man – bond to GOD – is GOD’s and the decision to obey and abide in The LORD’s choice is man’s. There is no dispute to the intention of The LORD and the perfect creation when The LORD says one thing, it means many things. The Word of The LORD is echoed in understanding, a reassuring voice that does not return unless it has accomplished the Will of The Father.

The LORD, GOD, Father, one being, found in all that ever is – even the very creation and establishment of evil.

For Abram, it was certain, that his bossom would blossom since The LORD of host had hoisted the thought of seeds from feeble bowels.

Even the winds blew in conviction: “You would have a son – and like day – undisputed like the light of the sun”.

For GOD’sBondMan, when The LORD has spoken, faith is awoken and joy is the token of acceptance to the Perfect Will of The Father, Lord who is GOD.


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