How To Run Away From GOD

And if man wishes to run away from GOD, the only way to do so is to run away when GOD speaks; it is to run away from the Voice of GOD; it is to disconnect the connection and communication; to refute to harken; to refuse to listen; to hear and not obey; to “experiment” with the Voice of GOD; to doubt; to mount a witness higher than the Witness of GOD, to count a weakness higher than the wick of GOD in man, the light.

If man teaches to run away from GOD it is by running towards and with the voice of another: to live by the voice of another – man or spirit, contrary. When man takes the words of (wo)man above the word of The LORD, GOD, man runs away.

When man runs away it is because man is naked and man is naked because man had or has heard another voice and obeyed another voice and has set before the course of life the tenets of said-voice which are the words of the speaker and these spoken words have become like keys and seeds played and sown respectively in the nature of flesh over and over and over again.

When man flees, and collectively so, man teaches generations to follow after the voice that they have harkened-to and with every birth – in this line – there is a deepness of the death of man and the depth of their refusal to listen to the Divine.

I believe man runs because GOD doesn’t impose but the adversary of man does and would not enter from doors, a thief.

It is true that what is most convincing in the absence of the Voice of GOD is most derailing in the course of this race.

If man preaches against GOD, it is to fight the Voice of GOD: to denounce the race to GOD which is of GOD. Speaking of race, to run away from the presence and essence of GOD is to listen to the voice of another – man or spirit – trying to twist the master plan of the Purposive Will that came from and by the Voice of GOD. For Sarai, desperation was a voice that stood in the place of GOD’s voice to displace the grace of GOD’s pleasure in long-suffering. For Abram, obedience to Sarai’s voice was a showcase of doubt and resentment to the Words of the LORD that came by the voice of the LORD because in the narrative of GOD’s design, there is no need for an alternative.

For man who has lived all their life listening to and knitting or bidding by everything except the voice of GOD, it is difficult to have faith and hope only by and in the Voice of GOD and it is difficult to stay put when GOD says so because man was first, wired to see evidence before belief. However, the new creation who is reborn and especially GOD’sBondMan, evidence does not take pre-eminence as the lens and vision of life. What you see is not what you should be and that is because what you are is far greater than what can be seen, now.


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