The Seed OFF Peace

As GOD’sBondMan – dwelling in the spirit and living by the love and fruit of the grace in GOD – when there is a seed of discord and anger of heat and strife; of separation and pain; of jealous rivalry, sown into your heart, uproot it – let it dry and let it die.

Do not give life to that which sets the kingdom of GOD-in-you in hell.

If it sets the fire of hell to heaven, get it out. If it is a thought that seeks to build a hold of your life, do not think; if it is a person, greet them in peace and leave the peace of truth with them; if it is a desire, quenched the fire; if it is a choice, harken to the Voice of GOD across the board. If they persist to sow pain so that you, too, may be leave GOD with an unwilling heart and a disobedient soul, flee.

The strength of a man, who is sold to GOD, is found in the weakness of this man to do nothing that attempts – both in thought and deeds – to hurt the nature of GOD.

But can GOD be hurt? Can GOD bleed? Can GOD weep in pain, can GOD reap in strain? Can GOD be hurt, flesh-broken and crown, a thorn?


For GOD’sBondMan, GOD is GOD and man is man but when man and GOD are united in a convergence of thought and purpose, what man feels, GOD fills and for this course, what GOD feels and pants-after, Man fills and pants-after. And man and GOD become one and GOD abides in man.

Therefore when the seed of hate is sent to a place of love, reject it.

Do not strive with it, do not oppose (it) as one who seeks to contest with it. In this context, the defence of the LORD is to have no part and path with the contempt of GOD.

When the seed of wickedness is awoken in coating of weakness, do not water it, do not nourish it. Starve it!

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