GOD is, also, in the business of emptying the faithful followers; in the business of washing away all that they hold dearly and all that has refused to let them be “sold and ready” for GOD’s walk. GOD is in the business of making desolate the desperate attempt(s) – to rebel – of those who have been specifically chosen to do HIS bidding. Whether or not they see it, GOD would not curse them but the ground would not yield, properly; and it is in toil that they till the soil such that where they struggle, others would have no need to. To the point where GOD makes foolish the wise ploys and causes pain to their unjust strain. In sickness and in health, they – who have refused to follow the path that the LORD, GOD, has set for them even though they have been called and chosen by the mark of HIS name – are in a dire internal emptiness, a weakness that cannot be explained, a thickness of grey cloud(s) that darkens their understanding, if they don’t see what GOD’s see, they see what is void and formless – a bleakness in every day even when others see a sunshine and joy in every ray.

For GOD’sBondMan, who attempts to run away from the purpose of GOD, they – in doing so – remove “GOD” and HIS possession of “’s” and become “bondman”. The shout of and for freedom is a cage, the struggle for free-will is a still water and unmoved earth and water cause nausea and they faint.

Man without GOD is sheep without guiding and guarding lord; and headless body which seeks direction is man when man returns in repentance of errors off GOD.

Man needs GOD just as GOD deserves the man who needs GOD. The follower of GOD should be aware that being without GOD is seeking to be an emptying then empty cup.

GOD doesn’t just want to be called when we need help, GOD is content with being called before every step.

It’s about a relationship: a sheep that relates with its LORD and friend is what GOD created time and space and consciousness and free-will and cognition and hope and faith for. GOD yearns for communication and the absence of this causes the emptiness that the follower feels because GOD would not fill you until you are willing to feel HIM just as HE feels for you.


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