“Here I am”

When you put GOD first, your life is a test to give GOD the very best.

It would come as a call for sacrifices: to leave what you love, to live in what you don’t understand, to cleave to what you have not liked till GOD said “do”.

In the journey to GOD which is by GOD and in GOD, whenever, GOD calls, it is not a drill and it is a test of your human will to surrender and obey, regardless of what is convenient and seems to soothe you, best.

“Here I am…”

…is the response of the one who is aware of the call of GOD when it comes. For GOD’sBondMan, there is no wavering or doubt when GOD comes and calls because like the sheep – which follows the shepherd and shape -herd but not a stranger – you are aware of what GOD sounds like. GOD sounds like GOD: spirit in the grooves, the wind, shaking the trees, the wailing of the conscience, the thought fighting evil, the chirping of lost birds in search of redemption from solitary birds. GOD sounds like rushing streams and clapping seas, and moving earth and setting sun and rising dawn and beating heart and blinking eyes and scorpions in the desert or pigeons sitting besides wafers.

GOD sounds like GOD and you would know when GOD comes because the voice of GOD is GOD to man.

“I – the LORD – will tell you”

Because GOD is in the future living in the present and aware of the past, it is only by faith that man can communicate with GOD. To see what would happen even though there is no trait of it. Thus, in the communion of faith, GOD would ask of GOD’sBondMan to take up what they love and to give it up to GOD…to give up for GOD and not on GOD.

GOD would ask to see if you can give up what you cherish to “have GOD”; to see if what you love can be GOD and GOD alone. To see if you are ready to spend an eternity with GOD, loving GOD again and again, with a newness every day forever. For Abraham, it was the only son of promise whom he had waited for.

GOD had asked the cruelest thing to be done, to offer to the heavens the scent of a burning innocent lad and what looked like a temptation of the adversary was GOD in the sinew, waiting; behind the bush, telling the whole universe to behold a faithful servant and friend as Abraham set off the to do unthinkable.

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