“GOD would provide”

When the question of reason did and does come in surface, one to assert a point of sanity or the lack of it because faith – in its moving nature – is quite off sanity, the very place of hearing GOD to a generation that was never taught to have a thought of it is bare insanity.

But GOD is present and GOD is not mocked so GOD would provide.

For the case of lack, for the case of stark hopelessness, for the grace of an empty sack of offering, a crack in the very foundation of sustainability, a mark for the man to turn around just because the journey is hard and unyielding even though GOD says “go”, GOD would provide.

Abraham’s mouth was the only set of lips GOD found exit from as the human doubt – or better said, curiosity – questioned GOD, yet again:

Where is the provision? where is the test and proof of GOD? where is the sustenance? where is the best proof of GOD? where is the deliverance? where are the rest that defend the proof of GOD? where are the healing hands? where is the proof of GOD? You cannot answer for GOD, let GOD answer for himself!

GOD would provide.

In those moments where the instruction of GOD looks like one which requires completion: fire, wood, altar but not one substance to offer, GOD would provide.

GOD’sBondMan must be aware that in obeying GOD and in steady commitment – even to the neglect and total repentance from that which you love and hold dearly but is in enmity with the total effort that GOD desires from you – GOD would provide.

It is the prerogative of GOD to complete that which HE would complete. And even if it is to offer your treasures on the altar of no-return or physical remuneration, GOD would provide.

GOD would provide himself; GOD would provide, himself.


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