Shaking the Bush

And when it is the time for worship, alone, where it is between you, your earth and GOD, GOD would be proven.

Proven…such that you would be nothing without GOD and those who denounce the very GOD who makes you, you, should be aware that if GOD did not intervene and write your story with HIS hands, they would not have someone to argue with about the very nature or denature of GOD.

For you who have ordered that your life lie down to be sacrificed; that your future be burnt in offering; or that hopes and dreams – which you have waited for and have, now, come but have been asked by GOD to go – are to be burnt-offering; for you who is willing to kill (to a halt) all you have set in motion at the beginning of GOD; for you, who has brought out the knife or decision to end what you so dearly deserve even though GOD has, now, said to be relieved of it, GOD is shaking bush.

GOD is shaking the bushes, GOD is shaking through the bushes.

It might have seemed as though GOD was without consistent love to give you joy and ask that you offer it back, to give you life and freedom – in salvation – only to ask that you revert it to HIS prerogative, but even GOD is aware of this “dilemma” and GOD is in the struggling bush, in the struggle of your bush and in the wilderness of your hustle.

“Here I am”, GOD – the I AM – says to the one who fears GOD to lay down everything to be with GOD. “Here I am” GOD says and in a turn for events, GOD recommends more love to the one who loves GOD. GOD would provide because you have said, “here I am” and have obeyed, “in fear of God, you are”.

GOD says, “here I am” only when you have said, “here I am” or “over here, I AM”

Let it be known that the one who draws GOD would see GOD, a miracle of which would be caught in a thicket by the horns. A mystery would be how GOD provides what GOD provides and the testimony would be that GOD provided for us where we are.

Additional Note

For GOD’sBondMan, GOD would outpour HIS love – in that moment of sacrifice – fulfilling the mandate of the covenant between GOD and man.

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