“I Will Bless You”

So for the sacrifice of love, man touches GOD’s heart in the depth. The in-depth mercies of GOD are awoken and GOD’s feet of grace are quickened.

It is in a time like this that GOD is fastened to HIS Ward and towards those who are inwardly faithful to HIS word though they be out-wardly fateful by the world.

“I will bless you”

Is the word of the LORD to the ward of the LORD.

GOD would bless in the time of blessings and multiply in the time of multiplication such that the one who obeyed GOD is a pillar to the world and an emblem of help for nations even the nations to come.

GOD’sBondMan must be prepared to be blessed by GOD that “all around” would be blessed. For GOD seeks a channel to reach out to the earth and pour out into its core the bounty of the heavens that there would be no space to hoard them – save to share the wonder and revelation; and bless even the enemies of your soul.

It is the right of GOD’sBondMan to “possess the gates of the enemies” until they, too, are bondmen of GOD’s.

GOD is looking for the gate of earth to open and to let in the gates of heaven that the gates of hell would not prevail in the life of earth.

GOD would bless in HIS own time and provide in HIS own clime and cause rain to wash away the pain and the stains from off your heart. It is GOD who does all these things to which we pay with love – which is a measure of obedience and contrite openness to the creator: who is spirit moving among flesh, unbroken.


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