Why GOD is in Love with You

Dear Oluwatomigbekele,

Talking to you, comes like an eclipse, unforgettable and most times, edifying. I believe that fire-torches share their fire to stay ablaze, aflame; and this flame is the same, shameless and needless of the lie.

Fire smells the same when burning; it says the same when speaking. This fire is the same, no matter who starts it – no matter who is burning or who must get burnt – this fire is truth and the fire which is truth is unquenchable.

The water which attempts to quench this fire is itself turned to a flame and flare. Have you seen water become fire, boiling, into vapour and aflame in the atmosphere?😌

I appreciate the fire you share with me, fire which stays, it keeps the faith – keeps it warm, it burns the warmth and keeps energy on. I thank GOD you still light up the wood and watch the fireworks dance in the middle of the nights.

I remember the last time we spoke. It was about faith, I believe. In those words I found the answers for the question I asked you even though you feigned not to know. Point of correct, the spirit in (wo)man is revealed and by the unction and anointing of the Almighty, you know all things (I John 2:20). Have you discovered them, maybe not all – at once – but you are in the process of knowing.

This knowing is a judgement unto righteousness of belief and hope and of faith in the LORD of the universe.

On faith, resolved. Faith is belief, the immaterial evidence of that which is not substantiated (yet or not) and has not been seen. However, on the issue of dead faith, it is because of the absence of the works of the faith.

Faith is the muscle and the works are the flesh – not the works of the flesh.

The works are inherent because there is faith and the faith is revealed in the evidence of the works.

Dry bones are therefore without faith and the works of faith.

I believe we should always pray that we should not be dry bones and we should pray for those who are to be created anew – born, again.

Here’s the point where if you believe – by faith – then you act on what you believe as a certification that you believe.

If you believe, then you shall work by that which you believe. Those who have touched fire, shall be burnt and those who have encountered faith shall work and walk by faith. The just shall live by this faith (Romans 1:17); Amen.

But you see, Tomi, sometimes we belief that what “is right is right” but our humanity – and the nature of it – fights morality (which comes from GOD) yet GOD loves who GOD created. GOD loves the idea of (wo)man: being a summation of spirit and flesh, combined. GOD loves the ideal of man, the concept, the person; however, this doesn’t include the sin of the person.

God is not in love with sin.

The sins would be judged, addressed, forgiven if left by the person…GOD doesn’t change the cause and effect by the love of sinners but GOD is in love with humanity…because humanity is a part of GOD.

Think like this: GOD wears the universe like a garment and we are living on it (location as well as for sustenance), a part of it which should not be destroyed. GOD cleans us by showing us how we should be…like HIM, perfect by perfecting.

So on the correlation of faith and works, there are no works without faith, this is a matter of cause and effect; seed and result.

There is faith because a vision of truth has been encountered – seen and tasted as well as tested.

But by faith, we work, seeing that GOD is in love with us.

It is by faith that we know that GOD is in love with the sinner however, GOD is not in love with sin.

GOD and sin cannot be in agreement and so there is the ideal of man and the idea of sin. What GOD does is to show man to leave the idea of sin and set free the concept of the divine in the human.

GOD is in the design of living in man to be perfect and perfecting, GOD is glorified in that man is sanctified.

Lastly, if you get to read this, when…you get to read this, I hope you understand the deliverance and joy of the combinations of these things which we, now, know. By faith you walked out of that prison, by faith you should live as a free person, bound by the bond of liberty. IN FACT, you, too, are a bondman of GOD’s because GOD is in love with you just as much as you should be in love with you.


Cephas Olatunde

P. S
Send my regards to the coast and the fish farmers…I hear where you are is where they are…

One thought on “Why GOD is in Love with You

  1. “GOD is in love with you just as much as you should be in love with you”

    God is in love with me.
    A love I should learn to give
    Love I should allow to live
    Love I should permit to breathe and have greater control
    Love I should yeild to till it permeates my soul and every fibre of my being
    Love that has always been eternal
    Hallelujah! GOD IS IN LOVE WITH ME😇😇

    I just liked this last line 😂😂
    : Send my regards to the coast and the fish farmers…I hear where you are is where they are…

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