Closet Sinner 3

As one who used to be a closet sinner, I’m well aware of the fretful flee from the stigma, the fear of being a disappointment, the rare disappointment of being fretful in the sight of the sin.

Sin seeks to choke the human from the life of GOD but secret sin – the work of the closet sin – seeks to end the human with GOD.

I believe we should pray for the Closet sinner, ask for courage to shun the shame and confess…to be baptised by the truth to set loose the grip of fear and be free. What the adversary is most weakened by is the decision to let go of that secret sin which gives a pleasure that can be burnt up in fire and cannot be offered to GOD.

I opine that one of the many sacrifices that touch the soul of GOD is the repentant from that which we can decide on; to stand against because they are in enmity with the Will and place of GOD.

When you think of a burnt offering, most deserving, it is to engulf in fire and to cleanse the secret sin and watch it burnt as in incense – prayer.

If prayer is a surrendering-act to commune with GOD then it should include laying off these sins which we cannot tell of because they should not be to be told.


GOD’sBondMan is free because there is no fee to stand off fear, to bear the truth and be bare to truth.

It would hurt to come out of the closet and step into the light. The light would feel like fire but it would purify and sanctify and clean the excesses and infirmity that causes us to wallow in our secrecy, being eaten up by ourselves, being comforted in conceit by how undeserving we are.

To the closet sinner, who is caged by self and of self, the moment of freedom is the truth which you must tell yourself and which you must accept as life is dependent on it.

Dear Closet sinner, accept the truth, accept THE Truth, accept JESUS and accept the one who went public as a sinner for your secret sin to guide you out of the darkness and into the marvelous light of salvation. Amen

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