GOD does not Fail

I am – among many (wo)men alike – most certain that GOD‘sBondMan would not fail because the GOD whose bond maketh man shall not fail.

When man is frail, the bond is the strength and it is the sail that moves on the troubled waters and troubling waves, it sets course for treacherous places, unknown save by grace.

What is most marvellous is that the clueless bondman of GOD’s – who walks by the voice of GOD, in faith – sees that which is to come and the evidence of GOD’s plan is made manifest at the very end.

In conclusion of the Will of GOD, the man is made to stand in awe and be amazed at how all the series of coincidences have been pieces for the peace of man.

What is great is that every dot and dust that has been written and raised is all part of the great design of GOD.

Permit me to affirm, as a proof of it, that there is no mistake in the ordinance of the providence which GOD has written.

GOD’sBondMan would not fail for though they wail, the LORD would not bail-on them.

I am confident, with a renewed affirmation that it was by the hand of GOD that drawing water – by Rebekah – would draw out the very peace of the prosperity of the servant of GOD who went on a journey meaningless to man and meaning less to man by every step of the journey.

I’m certain – and my life is proof – that GOD is most evident in the silence…because silence is a voice and for GOD’sBondMan, walking by the voice of GOD is the very bond which is strength for the weaknesses we know to be our natures.

The follower of GOD, who is sold out to GOD would not fail; though they be old, they would be bold; though they be untold, they would not be cold.

It is GOD’s love that would warm their hearts.

3 thoughts on “GOD does not Fail

  1. Hi Lola! There are times we might wander off GOD’s plan but I want you to always reassure yourself that GOD is a wonder that we can always get back to. Thank you for your response and GOD bless your heart, too❤

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