Atheism in Christianity

The issue about bringing a new light of GOD to a place that has not seen it before is not that there is no acceptance but that there is no appropriate proposition of belief.

What I am afraid of is the fact that a person can be aware of the truth (in their heart) but not be grounded in and by it and so they (might) profess a thing contrary to what their heart witnesses to them. Thus, if there is no proof, now, of what the heart of truth says then they tilt towards what looks to be real which may not be truthful in its purest form.

Meanwhile, as I move to fill up the reason for a title such as this, a provocation and indictment, let me state that humanity doesn’t have everything and when humanity and the standard of divinity is placed before humanity, humanity has nothing. We do not have all the answers, we are on the way to but we are not there and it is an error to believe that you have the answers at that point where you are – just on the verge of finding your feet to the journey of the answers. That said, permit me to align my thoughts to the issue of “disbelieving in a place of belief”.

In this case, I speak of the one who professes to believe GOD but does not. Who says there is GOD on the tips of their lips, who are quick to affirm that GOD is present but in their solace are not convinced. This is the same case where they hold the truth with the hands of unrighteousness, seeking to do what they like and hoping to have GOD as their backing.

The atheist – who is also a Christian – is the one who has said that there is no GOD even when they profess that there is GOD, that say there is no GOD when their plans do not go as they have planned, when they sink because the water got unfrozen, before they make a step outside GOD’s Will and seek for HIS help when the repercussions unfold. They say there is no GOD because they do not enquire what the Will of GOD is before they judge on the earth, before their affirm what they know or sow to reap before the leap. They say there is no GOD and so they denounce their accountability to GOD because GOD who is sovereign authority and thought of creation is mindful that all that has been created should be in the order of creation and less of nothing but perfection.

They say there is no GOD when their refute the order of perfection by perfecting.

To say that there is no GOD even when you worship GOD is to relegate GOD to the hitman position, the fixer who cleans up the mess that wouldn’t be if you simply asked before doing.

To say that there is no GOD is to disagree with the thought of GOD, to refuse to obey the Will of GOD, to affirm your own desire which seeks to abort the seal of GOD.

To denounce that there is GOD is to be enemy of GOD by seeking to kill what GOD gives root and what GOD gives life to.

To say that there is no GOD is to not enquire.

When you are faced with any and all difficulties and challenges, GOD’sBondMan should enquire what the Will of GOD is upon it all and in the refusal of that, you do not believe in GOD and let me add, you do not know GOD.

Now, what is the difficulty before you and have you asked of the LORD what is HIS divine counsel upon it?

Contrary to this is affirmation that you believe that there is no GOD in your heart and it doesn’t matter if you say that GOD exists in you lips.

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