The testimony of GOD

There is a testimony of the image of GOD which is greater than doubt for GOD’sBondMan. It is the revelation that comes out of the grace of GOD which the personal encounter can only be in amazing wonder of it.

There are diverse manifestations of this testimony:

They come as prophecies – the foretelling of a future thing in the present with no knowledge of the encounters of the past.

They come as the verdict of heaven upon the destiny to the destination of a (wo)man – summed up as the predestination which we can attribute to the providence of a man.

They come as the proclamations of tidings which are from the depth of secret things of the world. Do not despise them.

If you do not understand them when they come, hold them, like a journey and a course which has and end, follow them.

It’s the very definition of faith to trust what you cannot see and to thrust all based on the godly perception that transcends sight and the works of sight.

For GOD’sBondMan – who has not seen GOD as they see themselves but have come far in the establishment of the understanding of GOD simply by a journey and course of moving towards the voice of GOD until if becomes louder and clearer – that is the true definition of trust.

Now this testimony – which supersedes doubt and kicks the contention and contemplation out of the affairs of the heart – comes with right judgement and a birthright possession. Do not trade it for the gratification of the world, do not sacrifice the testimony of GOD, upon your life, for the acceptance of the world or the “continuity” by survival of (your) life simply because you assume that leaving GOD would keep you living your life.

For GOD’sBondMan, GOD is your life and GOD is your light and there is no cause to leave the life of GOD because there are treacherous days and times. When these comes, how best is it to show that you are not in control of the affairs of your destiny than to let GOD show forth the divine predestination which was planned before the foundations of the earth were laid.

What is certain and sure without doubt is that the testimony of GOD is sure and the testimony of the revelations of GOD is core and the intention of GOD is pure and the right to live the life of GOD upon the earth is a declaration of war to the world.

Never fret even when the world rages and seeks to end your life, be assured in grace and mercy that your comfort is in GOD who is both beginning and end of it all.

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