How Does a Man beg for Forgiveness?

How does a man beg GOD for forgiveness
if he is in love with his sin and weakness?

Does he hold his guilt as a sign of righteousness
or does he judge himself as worthy of being breathless?

Is it right to assume the verdict of GOD on sin?
And is the absence of pardoning the way for iniquity to win?

Is it okay to come before the sanctified GOD
with hands that are stained with filth and mud?

But, wait, isn’t man mud, moving at will?
If so, are we all doomed to continue in sin, still?

How do you define sin, truthfully?
Is it the absence of moral code, willfully?

Or is it the result of descent?
A flaw that occurs without the man’s consent?

Isn’t sin an error of choice?
Isn’t sin a mirror of decisions we poise?

Can a man get forgiveness from GOD if he hasn’t forgiven?
If GOD obliges, would that be moral or even?

Shouldn’t a man forgive himself, first;
knowing that acceptance of reformation is the very first test?

But, if so, is salvation a test on GOD and HIS mercy?
IF so, is not man caught in between a game so dicey?

If a man is unaware of sins he has committed, is he guilty?
Or shouldn’t his spirit witness the truth if he isn’t haughty?

If sin is death;
then in its burial, there should be no wreath!

Is it right for a man to sympathise with evil?
Or make haste to dine with the devil?

If so, is sin not feast with the devil’s intention?
Is it not found in our emotion and action or inaction?

Is the position of sin an attack on GOD’s nature?
And can GOD be attacked in all HIS splendour?

IF sin is death, can GOD be killed?
Or is it not the GOD-in-us that must be revealed?

Once again, how can a man be forgiven;
if he longs to be caught in sin and woven?

Can this man still embrace the sacrifice of GOD?
And the dividends of “heaven and the saved” to live in one accord?

Should a man denounce his sin and claim sanctification in grace?
Or should he wallow in it and forfeit the journey of GOD which is the eternal race?

Can sin(ners) be stopped?
Or can they be healed by being loved?

Perhaps it is love which takes away sin.
It is love which takes us back to where we should-a been!

Love is the forgiveness for the weary man;
Love can sanctify, ask GOD, yes it is can!

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