How does Man despise GOD?

Uhm. Actually, this is relatively easy based on our nature of choice-in-corruption.

The man – and by this I say for the nature and entirety of humanity – can despise GOD (no matter how great or limitless), by despising the place and grace in the role of humanity to the full salvation in the universe. When man makes little in emphasis of the divine assignment and agenda of redemption to the pure state by creation, man has despised GOD.

If man debases the intention of GOD, man has despised GOD. If man has debate over the entity of GOD as been and not being, man has despised GOD. Man has also despised GOD by not being man as man should be – in the perfect design of GOD.

If man is not man, man has despised GOD.

The absence in acceptance of truth – no matter how unequal to man’s desires for root, by man – is the despise of GOD by man.

But you see, the only reason – aside desire to – why man would despise GOD is because man can. Man can despise GOD because GOD created man to have ability to; yet, not necessarily to despise – the one who gave the ability.

Q: So GOD created Man so that he could one day be despised?


If I were on the oppsotite side of this table and discussion, that would be my first point of contention but as brilliant as that would sound it also tries to negate free-will and dominion as evil and undeserved if they would be tools of destruction for the very entity they were made to enhance. GOD created man to have the ability to decide what is right not wrong.

See it this way: The ability, here, of man is to have dominion over the earth. It is the translation of freewill and control over all that has been created. Man, as man should be, is the caretaker of creation upon the earth. This doesn’t mean walking around a cave with a hammer across the shoulders or keeping cattle or building skyscrapers, alone. It also means that manifestation upon the earth can only be done by humanity. For GOD to work and move upon the earth, it is by the medium and mechanism of man. Thus, if there would be a cause for events, it is the responsibility of humanity; and that is why to save humanity, it must be done by – the form of – humanity and so JESUS – word of GOD and GOD, the word who is creator – came as huMAN to save huMANity.

In view of this, there is always a need to recognise the responsibility of humanity in saving humanity. It is found in the acceptance of divinity and the right which divinity grants humanity to decide over the subduing influence and effect of sin.

Q: Sin? Where did sin get into this talk?

When you speak of despising GOD, one workable mechanism is to violate the nature of GOD in man and all that GOD has created and that is what I’ll love everyone to see sin as – for it’s true aim, that is.

To despise GOD, man must first despise man because GOD’s standard for man is to be and have dominion upon the earth.

When man accepts to be dominated and subdued upon the earth, man has despised GOD.

If man accepts to be defeated, to succumb to the result of a fall, letting the device of corruption to rule in a bid of surrender, man despises GOD. If man gives up on morality and accepts immorality as morality because it suits them or is most available; thus, it should be the reality and professed truth, man despises GOD.

If man despises their right, by birth, to be god-over-the-earth – by the sovereign power of GOD – and not the other way round, man has despised GOD.

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