How does Man despise GOD? 2

Q: Is it not too convenient to blame man for all the faults and leave GOD as the perfect being in the equation. Why didn’t GOD create man to be perfect since He is perfect?

I like how you put it. “The drama and tense nature of GOD who wants to hand pick good and destroy evil and man is evil because man wants to be” sounds like GOD is always good and man is always bad and on and on like that. Honestly I’ve had my fair share of thinking that GOD is unfair to allow HIS creation to wallow in this imperfection of evil and sin and death. Truthfully, that’s one side of the narrative, the other side is that Man chose to wallow and swallow all these by the very essential working nature of freewill. Hold that thought. When we bring this to a balance scale, here is what we have: the perfect GOD created man in the image of perfection but perfection comes with its responsibility just as freedom comes with the laws to keep freedom in its ideal nature. If you broke the law, you lose your freedom, and if you neglect their responsibility that leads to perfection, you stop being perfect. When you amalgamate all these scraps into one piece of clothing, what you have is GOD made man perfect but man, by error of the lack of responsibility, which is actually a manifestation of obedience to principles and guidelines, deserted perfection. In imperfection, man is open to the vices of sin and evil and it was the choice of man to get there.

Free-will is a tool of both obedience and disobedience. Remember that.

Q: And what about now, since Jesus Christ is meant to have made us free and perfect?

You make it sound like it’s a settled issue – without need for acceptance – when you use the word “made”. The finishing work of JESUS was to break the process of oppressing man to continue the circle of error, sin, evil, imperfection, error, sin, evil and imperfection. While JESUS broke it and restored the power of freewill to decide on the options before man, man is responsible (and should be) for what they chose. You know this is right and wrong and you are to chose, if you chose wrong even though you know its consequence it is not the fault of GOD, now, is it? What the Salvation by JESUS is, in practical terms is, “if you follow me and do what I do then you would be perfect as I and my father are perfect”. “It is your decision to OR not to follow me but I besiege you to follow me”. Jesus ‘made’ you free to chose OR better put it, free to decide to follow what is right or not. And it is by following JESUS that there can be perfection, attained. If this isn’t a balanced narrative of responsibility, cause and effect, I wonder what your expectations were when we began.

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