How does Man despise GOD? 3

Q: So you are saying that God sets the standards for perfection and morality

If I didn’t say it, it would still be true. And on the point of my conviction of this, I can tell you that GOD still keeps to the rules and regulations. If you allude to my statement of manifestation on the earth can only be by the form of man or in that form, you’ll realise that GOD could have broken that rule and come in all the glory as GOD (even though for all I know that would-a consumed us all because the light and brightness of GOD would always consume evil and darkness) we would believe but that would negate the principle HE is training us to keep. Everyone has their place in salvation, just as every body-part has a role to play in motion and being as well as living. If GOD still keeps the rules, I believe we should to.

Q: If God really wants to save us and know that we need evidence to see him why doesn’t he just reveal himself in the way we can understand?


I’m not mocking you but look at it this way. GOD wants to save man, GOD has to come as man or in the form of man to save man by first breaking the circle of slavery and then showing man how to remain free and off the slavery. But GOD isn’t man. GOD is GOD and GOD, being GOD, is spirit. If man must now reach forth to GOD to get the empowerment of perfection or just simply relate with GOD, then man must be aware that you meet GOD in the terms of the spirit. When GOD meets man, it is in the terms of flesh but for man to do the same it has to be in the terms of the spirit. It’s only fair if we all have our court advantage. Man must meet GOD in the form of spirit just as GOD met man in the form of flesh. If GOD refused to meet man in flesh the way man is refusing to meet GOD in the tenets and form of the spirit, I wonder what sort of catastrophe existence would be in.

Q: So how does Man who is flesh relate in terms of the spirit?

Two words. JESUS CHRIST.

Oh c’mon

Yes. See! We are in the best time of human existence. We know what has happened so we can learn from it, at least we should. We seem to be getting the control buttons and switches of what is happening now so we can channel the analysis and life to the right direction and we are even aware of the future, how this would all end and what we need to do to end it the right way. Question is, what are we doing in place of getting these done? If it is in the hands of man to save man by simply living the way man should live and love which is in the reflection of the culture of GOD, what then is the issue?

Q: I thought I was asking the questions

Exactly, even in the context of an interview, we have our places and there are means to reach out, allude that to living in connection with GOD and man.

2 thoughts on “How does Man despise GOD? 3

  1. “If GOD still keeps the rules, I believe we should to(o)”:
    Like the time he ordered the genocide of the Cananites?
    Did the “thou shall not kill” rule come before or afterwards?


  2. Hello “Spirit of Turpentine” thank you for reading this post and sending your feedback and thought on the issue. Firstly,  it is important to note that the rules of Exodus 20 are not the summation of the rules of GOD which is why JESUS CHRIST gave adequate insight on the intention of GOD’s eternal rules. Secondly, they were established before the time of MOSES.

    Now while we get tempted to isolate the narrative of love of GOD,  we must be well aware that there is still the place of the judgment of sin by GOD. In the case of the Canaanites it was not a vindictive act of GOD – OR what would be seen as genocide – but a visitation of judgement for their decades of sin against the moral rules of existence as well as refusal to repent from their evil ways.  The love of GOD is just as real as the judgement of GOD on sin.  So it is always great to have a background of the narrative so that we don’t hand-pick solely on our worldview and clime. As much as this was not a part of my scope of writing, I’ll encourage you to research on a balanced scale to find out more elaborate answers on this. Once again,  thank you for your feedback. Kindly continue to read. Shalom. 


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