How Can Man Be At Peace?

It is not simply by greeting their brother and sister with peace because until you have, you cannot give peace.

It is not by saying they know the source of peace yet when the days of trouble and distress lay siege to their heart, they are without peace.

It is not something to be bought: a state of achieving all that is placed on a list of accomplishment(s) or the ability to accomplish – at will – what the heart desires.

A man is not at peace, only, if life is decorated with ease or when infirmities and pains and aches and a lack of trust cease.

The man is not, always, at peace when he, alone, is blameless and is endowed with the understanding of the universe while their sister and brother wander in the fortress of confusion and are depressed by this or are frustrated in this or grow violent to seek peace in this.

It is not in the right place for a man to gain peace by first being violent.

So how can man be at peace?

The man – male and female – can be at peace and can know (of) peace by keeping the order of peace.

It is so that peace is not just a state(ment) but an order; like a heart with veins of blood, pumping, peace is. To be at and in peace is to determine by will – and decision in will – not to tamper with the order of GOD which is the divine order in and of man. This order is the print and mechanism by which all things – which are – were made. It is the pillar of existence: it is the truth, the order, the limitation to good and the exemption from evil. To have peace is to:

  1. recognise the order as premises over any other
  2. observe the position and demand in the obligation of the order
  3. decide to love and live by and in this order
  4. unite flesh and blood with water and spirit in fire by the order (I’ll get to explain this soon)

To have and be at peace as well as in the place of peace is to unite with the order and to abide by the order of GOD upon the earth. The order of GOD is the very essence that preserves the earth. The earth abides in this only that we have sewn disorder into it and it has rewarded us with all the states of the lack of peace. The universe abides by this order and is peaceful thus “we are” (we exist) because this is so. To be in and at peace is to obey the order which keeps nature – in its pure form – at peace.

For man to be at peace, man should at all points and times, be willing to obey the order and not touch it to see how it works or why it is set or what happens in its absence; it is in the absence of these attitudes that there is peace.

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