In Strife by Progress

For GOD’sBondMan, on the journey of progress, there would be strife and envy and jealousy.

For the sake of the course of being sold out to the Purpose, Will and Identity of GOD, in a world of distrust for the same GOD, GOD’sBondMan would suffer shame, shaming, reproach, failure, sublime disappointment and it would be because as GOD’sBondMan, the world regards your gain as loss but seek to regain your gain by the projection of pain.

To GOD’sBondMan, who is walking in the place of strife with people who are in enmity with what your true humanity is, keep going; like Isaac, keep digging the wells in dry places – do not stop neither be discouraged.

The suffering – visible or invisible – is not a sign of abandonment by and of GOD but an abandonment by the world of GOD.

In a place and time when and where GOD is upheld, yours would be held like the hands of Moses to victory.

For GOD’sBondMan, the suffering, long as it is; the pain, which invariably is your gain; and the shame for the calling of the Name of GOD are all testaments of the payment of belief. For JESUS CHRIST did suffer and so shall all those who follow in the same paths as HE did; only that we, now, know that after there is crucifixion, temptation, grief, loneliness, public shame and reproach, there is resurrection and after this there is ascension and glorification by the Grace of GOD in righteousness and the translation of faith by which we please GOD when we hear and obey HIS Words – spoken by HIS Son JESUS – unto us.

Be assured that GOD, the tower and power is your strength and breath, and for GOD’sBondMan, GOD is your earth, and upon HIS Counsel, you walk, treading above the infirmity of the world unto a glorious reward, forever. This is the hope which beats every trial of strife and opposition or tribulation by the hands and hearts of those who are unbelieving of that which is true, GOD.

2 thoughts on “In Strife by Progress

  1. Amen. For He said “If the world loved me, they would love you. If they hated me, they will hate you also. But be of good cheer I have overcomed the world. A servant is not greater than his master”
    I know I conjoined different passages. John 15. John 16.

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